Waterlogic Choose BOARD for Financial Consolidation

Basingstoke, United Kingdom, July 31, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Waterlogic , the global market leader in mains connected (bottle-less) water dispensing and purifying systems has chosen BOARD to deliver a complex Financial Consolidation solution.

Utilising the BOARD FC pre built application, Waterlogic are expecting to decrease the time spent on preparing the final accounts and start reaping the benefits of the easy to use, programming-free, single integrated toolkit .

Russell Robinson Financial Consultant advising Waterlogic says “The Company needed a robust consolidation tool to replace extremely complex, unwieldy spreadsheets. BOARD was chosen because of its ease of use and ready ability to extend to other applications such as budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis”.

About Waterlogic
Founded in 1992, Waterlogic is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of top quality point-of-use mains attached water dispensing and purifying systems.

Waterlogic’s operations include an international sales office located in Ireland, a services support centre in the UK , a recently expanded and 100% owned & operated manufacturing facility in China as well as subsidiaries offering direct sales and technical support in:
· France
· Germany
· Norway
· Denmark
· Sweden

Waterlogic has an extensive and continuously expanding global distribution network in place, reaching over 40 countries across 5 continents.

BOARD International is a global leader in the BI and CPM Toolkit space. BOARD has enabled over 1,800 companies worldwide to rapidly deploy BI and CPM applications in a single integrated environment completely programming-free and in a fraction of the time and cost associated with traditional solutions. BOARD provides one accurate, complete view of an organisation’s information, fully integrated with its processes, uniquely linking performance from strategic vision to all levels down to operational detail.

For more information about BOARD go to www.board.com

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