A Course for Learning the Secrets of Fashion Shows

All the necessary information about the “Fashion Shows Courses,” fashion courses in Milan offered by the School Leonardo da Vinci.

Florence, Italy, July 31, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The Preparatory Fashion Shows Course will immerse students in the world of Italian fashion, allow them to interact and learn from professionals in the business, and provide them with a real world knowledge of the fashion industry in Milan and other parts of the world.

They will have the opportunity to learn about the following subjects: The Italian fashion system, the history of fashion in Italy, fashion trends, famous brands, famous designers, the business of fashion and fashion merchandising.

The course is designed to give students an in depth look at the world of fashion so we work to combine class hours with practical on site visits with professionals in different areas of the industry. They will receive lectures from several fashion experts, designers and stylists in Milan.

They will be given a tour of the most popular fashion shops located in the heart of the world famous Milan’s Fashion District. All the students that enroll to our Preparatory Course for Fashion Shows will have the opportunity to visit “Sfilate” the catwalks, where some of the industry’s top models can be seen showing famous collections from all over the world.

In class participants will analyze forms of fashion styling through some of the most famous Italian fashion magazines such as: Vogue Italia, Amica, Marie Claire, Elle, and they will study the successful business models of iconic companies like Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. They will study the pipeline of fashion distribution, and different modes of industry communication and media.

Students can experience all this and more in Preparatory Course Fashion Show at Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan. The reason that this course is one of a kind in Italy is that the world of fashion is constantly changing especially here in Milan - the fashion Capital and the school is always changing the course program just as fast, to keep students consistently up-to-date with the emerging trends and practical industry applications specific to fashion shows.

The Preparation Course for Fashion Shows is taught in Italian so it is advised that students have an intermediate level of Italian language in order to be able to follow the lessons without problems.

However, if students are not at this level, they don’t have to let that discourage them from taking this course, because the school also offer many different types of Italian language classes that can properly prepare them for their Fashion Shows course in Milan.

The next session of Fashion Show Course will start on September 14th and it will last for three weeks.

More information are available at: http://www.scuolaleonardo.com/Italian-language-art-and-fashion-courses.html#Italian-Fashion-in-Milan

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