New Search Engine Atomic5 Launches

Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 31, 2009 --( Today, the new search engine Atomic5 Search has announced its launch. Atomic5 is a web search engine which focuses on delivering quality results while also helping newcomers to receive exposure. The new search engine is available at

"Atomic5 has launched early, as we have completed our tests earlier than expected and because we have received a lot of feedback from webmasters and site owners about our new product. While our search engine is in fact a beta product, we have decided not to name it as such, seeing as the word 'beta' has lost its original meaning because of the many companies out there who are using the word beta for unnecessarily long times to make things look more attractive. Although we are not done optimizing everything, we have decided to launch early to test our product under live conditions", Mr. Nie said.

Atomic5 Search currently provides web search and news search functionality to its users. The United States have been selected as a target market, with localized versions of Atomic5 becoming available at a later time.

Earlier this week, Atomic5 has announced its webmaster tools, where site owners, SEOs and webmasters can submit their website(s) to Atomic5 Search. Atomic5's webmaster tools and other documents, such as their privacy policy, terms of service and F.A.Q. are located at

The search engine will roll out its online advertising program within the next few weeks and is currently giving away free vouchers by running Twitter contests and by randomly selecting site owners who have submitted their website(s) to Atomic5. Vouchers can already be redeemed into ad-cash, which allows site owners to make use of their advertising platform before real funds can be used to advertise within the search engine's resultset.

"Our advertising system is different from most others, because we are trying our best to ensure even hobby webmasters can afford placing ads to promote their website(s). We don't charge per click or per impressions, as such methods are risky. We want to provide a 'you are in control' advertising program, where advertisers can place ads for a day, a week or a month without having to worry about extra costs. More information about our advertising options can be found on our webmaster tools portal". Mr. Nie added.

Web site owners, SEOs and webmasters are invited to request a free seven day advertising voucher via Atomic5's Twitter page. This promotion ends once all 100 vouchers have been given out.

About Atomic5
Atomic5 was launched in July 2009 to provide a fast, relevant and friendly search tool. Unlike many search engines, Atomic5 focuses on delivering relevant results, while giving new websites a chance to get exposure. Using a unique ranking algorithm, Atomic5 merges established sites, new websites and news into one resultset. Atomic5 will launch localized features at a later time to serve the international community. As a modern search engine, Atomic5 makes use of tools like Twitter ( to communicate with site owners, SEOs and webmasters.

Note to editors:
Atomic5 is helping people to find what they are looking for, while making sure that our search engine doesn't only list established and high-traffic websites at the very top. We believe in quality and related results, but we also want to give new site owners a chance to rank at the top, while also making sure news stories are present if they are "current". Atomic5 is not trying to "beat" all other search engines - Atomic5 is mainly about caring for people who use our search engine, listening to site owner suggestions and providing a search engine where the search engine developers, owners and support team are actually available for questions and suggestions. For example, if a webmaster submits a website and we believe it's "spammy", we will say so. If a site owner asks a question, we will reply.


For more information contact:
Mr. M. Nie
Atomic5 Search
Product Manager
FAX to +31 847503103
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