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Magnum Technologies Grows Its Sales Force with ITIL Veteran

Attracts Past Pink Elephant Pro Steve Day to Evangelize the Ease of Implementing ITIL Best Practices Utilizing a Solution Suite that Focuses on Discovery and Dependency Mapping through High Impact Service Level Management. Business service management firm, Magnum Technologies, appoints Steve Day to increase market presence in the area of configuration management, IT discovery and dependency mapping, service level management and Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

Minneapolis, MN, September 05, 2006 --( - Magnum Technologies, the leading provider of IT Business Service Management software, designed to simplify the implementation of a completely integrated  solution, from Discovery and Dependency Mapping to Operationalizing a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) through Service Level Compliance today welcomed new hire, Steve Day, nineteen year technology veteran and former Pink Elephant executive.

“Magnum Technologies recruited Steve Day due to his strong background of helping IT professionals implement service level management, configuration and change management best practices as described by the ITIL framework,” said Michael Ducatelli, Magnum Technologies, EVP Sales.  “In addition, Steve is able to effectively council IT leadership on how to deploy a software solution which automates and accelerates the deployment of ITIL best practices that improve how IT supports the business.”

For example, Day’s work with Pink Elephant led him to a clear realization of the chasm of understanding that exists in the IT world around the creation and maintenance of a CMDB. While many believe a CMDB to be an overwhelming undertaking, others believe that a manual excel spreadsheet will suffice.

“When I was introduced to Magnum Technologies’ ADVANTAGE business service management software, I realized that with the right discovery and dependency mapping tool, a robust CMDB can realistically be created in as little as a few weeks,” said Day.

As Day looks into his IT crystal ball, he of course sees Magnum Technologies positioned as a first choice solution when it comes to service level management and business impact solutions. He also sees the company’s ADVANTAGE software as being a first choice solution for IT pros looking to monitor and track components in order to help prove compliance with Sarbanes Oxley regulations which require baseline reporting, history and trends. All of which are so important to helping a company pass an audit.

“ADVANTAGE improves overall service to the business,” said Day “because it monitors IT components and their relationship to systems and applications, thus providing accurate real-time business impact analysis.”

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