AthleteXchange Offers Fantasy Sports Enthusiasts Opportunity to Trade Players in Free Online Stock Market

In the market for a new quarterback or relief pitcher?, a new fantasy sports stock game, allows sports fans to hold virtual shares of their favorite players and teams in a fantasy portfolio, redeemable for great prizes.

Chattanooga, TN, August 05, 2009 --( Do you think that rookie running back will have a breakout season? Is that college football team’s road schedule just too tough? AthleteXchange gives fantasy sports fans the unique ability to hold a fantasy portfolio of sports-related stocks in a dynamic stock market environment.

In this twist on the traditional fantasy sports experience, traders have the opportunity to evaluate the past and future performance of an athlete or team in relationship to the current market price on the AthleteXchange. Finding great short or long-term value in a stock leads to a growing portfolio balance, which is redeemable for great prizes including gift cards, gaming systems, and even flat screen televisions.

The market contains hundreds of knowledgeable sports fans who actively trade and discuss sports from a market perspective. Traders find many of the aspects of their favorite fantasy games and online stock accounts meshed into one, as AthleteXchange offers stats, graphs, mutual funds, weekly contests and more. Even the sports gambler will find a fantasy sports book to satisfy the sports wagering urge without the real money at stake.

Traders sign up for free at and begin with a standard portfolio balance of $25,000. Athletes and teams “earn” by their achievements on the field – with each stat category assigned a dollar value. Stocks are priced on the market based on the buy/sell pressure of all traders holding positions in a stock. Just as in real markets, traders grow their portfolios by holding stocks and capitalizing on the change in share price over a period of time.

Traditional fantasy sports offerings often lock in players to holding athletes for long periods of time, with stat performance being the main mechanism for scoring. Players generally set their lineup and move on. In a stock market environment, there is the opportunity to capitalize on in-game trading or long-term value. At AthleteXchange, an athlete or team’s value in the market not only reflects their on-field performance, but also the market’s opinion on the future performance of that athlete or team.

Individuals who enjoy fantasy sports or investing will find a AthleteXchange to be a challenging, dynamic market in which to use their knowledge of sports to grow their portfolios and earn great prizes, while interacting with hundreds of passionate sports fans like themselves.

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About AthleteXchange:
AthleteXchange is an online, fantasy sports stock market simulation that allows traders to buy and sell virtual shares of their favorite athletes and teams. Traders grow their portfolios and can redeem for great prizes.

Scottie Flerl