Nanovea Launches Redesigned Tribometer with 3D Optical Profiler Integration

The release of the New Nanovea Tribometer marks the end to bulky, unappealing and complicated Tribology testing. Nanovea’s Tribometer has been redesigned to complete Nanovea’s signature instrument look and user-friendly appeal. The Nanovea Tribometer also introduces, to the world of Tribology, quick in-situ 3D Optical Profiler integration for wear calculation analysis along with other 3D surface measurements.

Irvine, CA, August 11, 2009 --( In addition, the Nanovea Tribometer can reach speeds of 6000rpm. To offer the same quality data at these high speeds, Nanovea has integrated a fast 56000Hz acquisition card with 24bit resolution. The system also comes standard with a motorized table that allows to precisely position the arm through computer control.

The diverse capabilities of Nanovea’s Tribometer design allows for Pin-On-Disk and Linear Reciprocating modules. Testing abilities include high temperature testing up to 1000C, Tri-mode lubrication system and several other enhanced environment testing options. A precision RVDT can be used to measure the change of vertical displacement during testing. The value given may be used to manually calculate the sample’s wear rate. The optional 3D Optical Profiler provides the user a software automated option for calculating wear rate. This optional feature will also be useful for quick and easy analysis of roughness, critical dimensions, topography and full pre and post test area profile. Nanovea Tribometer Software gives users the ability to easily control test parameters including: speed, frequency, contact pressure and varying time. To mimic a specific range of applications Nanovea’s Tribometer can be built with custom adjustments.

"The Tribology industry needs a star instrument, one with the refined design and advanced user friendly technology. I think Nanovea has delivered."
—Susana Cabello Product Manager

Ray Weedman