Indiana-Based Hartman Inventory Expands Service Nationally

Husband and wife team, Mike and Cindy Hartman, began their business in 2005 and have expanded their inventory service to meet a growing need. When people call, the Hartman's no longer restrict their service to Indiana.

Indianapolis, IN, August 11, 2009 --( Mike and Cindy Hartman, a husband and wife team based in Avon, Indiana, started Hartman Inventory in 2005 for two (2) reasons: 1) uncertainty with their corporate positions, and 2) they were broken into and realized how a proactive home inventory would have helped them. Knowing everybody should have this information, but few do, they saw this was a niche they could fill as a business. Recently they decided to expand the service nationally.

Cindy explained, “We are getting calls from all over the country, so just a few months ago we decided to go wherever people want us if they're willing to pay the travel costs.” Last week they completed home and business inventories in Florida and Mississippi.

“I use them for my home and business inventory for insurance purposes in the case of theft, fire, tornado, floods, lightning strike, and the like. But, I also refer my probate clients to them; they’ll do the home inventory and valuation, so the estate representative doesn’t have to worry about forgetting something in the required inventory. But, if the person was a client before death, it also makes it easier on the estate representative. The written report of the inventory is also nice for listing bequests of smaller items or tracking who wants what. As far as I know they are the only company in Indiana doing business and home inventories for this purpose, and they have some great stories,” said Jennifer Ruby, attorney, friend and client.

Mike and Cindy Hartman own Hartman Inventory, which documents assets for businesses and residences for disaster recovery, assisting an executor, helping to prepare for divorce or pre-nuptial agreements, knowing the value of contents when buying or selling a business, and determining if one is properly insured, among other purposes. They also own Hartman Inventory Systems, a turnkey proposition for others to own a similar business throughout the United States. This turnkey package provides marketing, coaching, mentoring and the equipment necessary to start and grow their business. "These long-distance opportunities will be forwarded to our Systems Members in their areas once they have been trained," Mike stated.

The Hartman’s won Rainmakers of the Year, given to members who consistently demonstrate the organization’s core values of “be more and serve more” from Rainmakers Marketing Group in January 2008. The couple have been married for 37 years and bring that same commitment to their business.

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