Free E-Books Given Away to Teach & Support Green Living

More and more, everyday, people are jumping on the green band wagon in an effort to make a positive change to the environment. Many folks don't know where to start. Aside from the traditional recycling of cans, plastic, glass and paper, there is much more that can and should be done. People are turning to the Internet for quick, affordable and effective answers to a myriad of questions relevant to Green Living.

Cinnaminson, NJ, August 11, 2009 --( Green Nation Gardens aims to be more than just another online retailer.
Everyone wants to learn more about improving the environment. Not since the early 70's and the birth of "Earthday" has the public been so interested in taking a stand in making positive social and environmental change. Mark Pappas, co-owner of Green Nation Gardens states, "We get e-mails and calls everyday from people who have questions about composting, organic gardening and share thoughts about changes that would make a positive impact to the world in which we live. Folks are genuinely interested in and want to learn more about "Green Living" so they can pass their newfound knowledge onto those they care about." Pappas adds, If knowledge is made freely accessible than those interested will conscientiously share it with others, especially those they love. The world will be all the more better for it."

E-books cost minimum to produce, maintain and distribute. People should also know that e-books are exceptionally easy to share with those around you." One final note from Mr. Pappas, "An important element to "Green Living" is to teach our children about caring for the environment so they, their children and their children's children will have a safe, pleasant and beautiful environment in which to live, abound with all the natural beauty as it was meant to be. The lessons we teach ourselves and to those we love will extend for generations to come. This is our gift and our legacy to the World."

Green Nation Gardens invites everyone to download the Free Green Living E-Books as well as read original Green Living Articles written by Green Nation Gardens co-owner, Vera Pappas. You can visit Green Nation Gardens at

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