Holidays Bring Influx of Overseas Chinese Patients to Taiwan’s Min-Sheng Hospital

Medical tourism and hospitals in Taiwan get a boost from overseas Chinese patients.

Taoyuan, Taiwan, August 12, 2009 --( As with the Lunar New Year holidays, the summer break brings back to Taiwan large numbers of overseas Chinese eager to visit their relatives. They also often use their short stay to visit local hospitals, and take advantage of the high quality of health care offered in Taiwan at very affordable prices. For the country’s burgeoning medical travel industry, these “ethnic medical tourists” are a source of additional revenues.

One hospital that has seen a surge in overseas Chinese patients, especially from the U.S.A, is Min-Sheng General Hospital in Taoyuan. The first JCI accredited hospital in Taiwan, Min-Sheng Hospital has for some time now been active in international healthcare, and succeeded in attracting patients from North America and Europe for surgical procedures like knee replacements and weight loss surgery.

With the downturn in the economy, people are more careful about the way they spend their money, and this may partly explain why an increasing number of visitors to Taiwan decide to use the local medical facilities. Says William Hoyois of Min-Cheng Hospital’s International Healthcare Department (IHC): “We are definitely noticing an increase in interest coming from Chinese patients based in America. While visiting relatives in Taiwan, they come to us for executive health screenings or light surgeries like cataract, gastric balloon and cosmetic procedures”.

Reasonable prices are not the only driver behind their decision. Convenience, availability, and sharing a similar culture also make healthcare in Taiwan an interesting proposition. As J. Chen, a second generation American who brought her mother to Min-Cheng Hospital for a comprehensive health check explains, “My mom is a little childish when it comes to dealing with doctors, so having a female Chinese doctor looking at her makes her feel way more comfortable… and then of course for her there is also the language”.

“Foreign patients use our hospital because of our personalized service, our flexibility, our pricing and of course the quality of the medical care that we provide. For ethnic Chinese patients there is also a cultural factor. But” adds Min-Cheng’s William Hoyois,” they all leave very satisfied with their experience”.


About Min-Sheng Hospital:
Min-Sheng Hospital is a 600-beds tertiary hospital located in Taoyuan, Taiwan, near the international airport. It was the first hospital in Taiwan to receive the international JCI accreditation and is active in the field of international health care having a department (IHC) dedicated to those patients. Min-Sheng hospital specializes in minimally invasive surgeries, bariatric, cardiac, orthopedic and urologic.

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