The End of Recession? Ask the Recruitment Agencies, Skillz Recruitment

The End is Just Around the Corner: Economy Will Start Growing Again, Economists Say; Specialist Recruitment Agencies are the First Ones to Overcome the Bad Times

Rotterdam, Netherlands, August 13, 2009 --( The global population has had enough time to experience the negative effects of the recession: fewer jobs, lower wages and a lot of insecurities. Some of the key players that were affected by these new economic conditions were the recruitment agencies. While many of these businesses are going through tough times, some recruitment companies are still thriving despite the new conditions: the specialist agencies. These agencies, that deal with the recruitment and placement of specialized personnel were somehow protected from the negative effects of the economic crisis. The reason for that is very straightforward: during difficult times, the most important people for a company are those with strong capabilities and with competences that can be clearly described, measured and put to good use.

The overwhelming number of candidates that are currently looking for a job has an equally powerful negative counterpart (from the recruitment agencies' point of view): namely the lack of jobs on the market and the companies' resistance to working with third parties in order to acquire new employees.

The most innovative and creative agencies have taken advantage of these new and unique conditions and decided to expand their business by improving the quality of their services and by entering new markets. According to Linda Nuamah, Recruitment Manager at Skillz Recruitment (, a small recruitment agency in Netherlands, this is the perfect moment to try to enter new markets and to go international. The young company has recently employed new personnel for their newly-established International Recruitment Department and now they started offering their services also to companies outside Netherlands. With a focus on 'Specialist Personnel', they are recruiting for the Finance Industry, IT, Engineering, Logistics& Purchasing, Supply Chain Management and Sales& Marketing.

Other players in the industry are taking advantage of these new conditions to grow their business (mainly due to the abundance of candidates), but as it is the case everywhere in the Service sector, only the businesses that are constantly improving their products and can react promptly to the changes in the market will come out as winners.

As specialists say: "The end is near". If only everybody would survive to see it.


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