New Parent Coaching Institute Audio on Advantages of Parent Coach Certification®

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO of the Parent Coaching Institute (PCI), discusses five key advantages of the PCI’s Parent Coach Certification® training program in a new eight minute audio message, available on the PCI’s Web site.

Bellevue, WA, August 15, 2009 --( The leading parent coaching organization, the non-profit Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) (, outlines five advantages of Parent Coach Certification® in a new audio message ( from Gloria DeGaetano, Founder and CEO of the PCI. When the Parent Coaching Institute began in 2000, it was the only parent coaching organization in existence. Now, in 2009, the PCI remains the leading parent coaching organization with 133 graduates and 45 currently enrolled students in 35 states plus other countries.

Gloria DeGaetano’s audio message, titled “5 Advantages of Parent Coach Certification®,” outlines the primary advantages of Parent Coach Certification®, a certification only available to graduates of the PCI. These advantages are:
1. The PCI’s Parent Coach Certification® training program holds the highest standards in the industry. Graduates complete a one-year, comprehensive, distance learning, and graduate-level program in collaboration with Seattle Pacific University. These highly-trained PCI Certified Parent Coaches® get results.
2. Students in the Parent Coach Certification® training program go through a deeply transformative change process themselves. What students learn, they also use themselves. Students become excited and energized, and this energy is sustainable. (
3. Students learn a specific, four-pronged model for parent coaching not found in any other program. Only students in the Parent Coach Certification® training program have access to this proprietary information. The PCI model offers a proven change from other family support models. (
4. The PCI is more than a training program—it’s an institute. Students and graduates of the PCI are part of a network of heart-centered, like-minded individuals, both in the US and in other countries. Graduates are encouraged to collaborate, share ideas and successes, and network, both in-person and by teleconference. Graduates are also invited to participate in PCI parent coaching research projects which benefit lower-income moms and dads. (
5. PCI Certified Parent Coaches® gain a deeper understanding of media-related parental challenges, like texting, social networking, and what to do about too much TV and too many video games. Parent Coach Certification® training materials include a comprehensive system for helping parents pro-actively address these challenges, based on 30 years of Brain-Compatible Parenting™ solutions by Gloria DeGaetano, an internationally recognized expert on screen technologies and children (

Connie Hammer, MSW and PCI Certified Parent Coach® in Round Pond, Maine (, states, "I would like to express my gratitude to you, Gloria, for creating this wonderful curriculum, full of knowledge, introspection, and growth. The opportunity to be a participant in this program has helped me expand professionally and personally. Without your efforts I would not have had the chance to be part of a truly productive community and neither would my clients..."

A $1000 discount off Parent Coach Certification® tuition is being offered to applicants until August 21, 2009. To learn more about the Parent Coaching Institute and the transformative work of PCI Certified Parent Coaches®, please contact the PCI at 888.599.4447 or visit

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