School Furniture Essentials - "Back to Basics" by Hertz Furniture - Helps Schools Save Time and Money

Hertz Furniture’s Back to Basics school furniture collection offers a selection of the most economical and essential classroom furniture all on a single page. The collection consists of student desks, teachers desks, classroom chairs, storage cabinets and other classroom basics.

Mahwah, NJ, August 21, 2009 --( As schools are forced to deal with increasing needs for basic school furniture in an era of challenging budgets, Hertz Furniture has launched a new program called “Back to Basics.” This program offers the most economical and essential school classroom furniture all in one place, making it simple for school administrators to equip their classrooms without wasting time or money. Items in the Back to Basics collection are all covered by either 15 Year or Limited Lifetime Warranties and many ship within 5 days as part of their “Ships in 5” promotion.

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“We are hearing from schools, churches, and other institutions that they desperately need basic classroom furniture, yet are short on funds and short on time,” explains Mr. Saul Wagner, President of Hertz Furniture. “From our extensive inventory we have identified the most essential items, like basic desks, chairs and boards, and placed them together in the Back to Basics collection. Finding and ordering essential school furniture has never been easier or less costly. We are committed to working with any school’s budget to make sure that the basic items they need are affordable.”

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Hertz Furniture carries thousands of furniture items for schools, churches, or any other institutional setting. Included in the “Back to Basics” program are student and teacher desks, classroom chairs, whiteboards, and storage cabinets. While having the latest, fanciest school items is nice, during challenging times, functionality and price take priority. The items in the Back to Basics collection are what school administrators say they need right now. The new program makes it easy for administrators to find what they are looking for in one place.

Mr. Wagner continues, “We are extremely sensitive to the current challenging economic times. Institutions simply have less resources and less time available than in the past. At the same time, they still have to be able to outfit their classrooms with school furniture and classroom furniture that is of the highest quality. Classroom furniture needs to be functional and durable. Our task is to make these basic items affordable and work with schools to ensure that their needs are met. The “Back to Basics” program is designed to meet that goal.”

Hertz Furniture’s “Back to Basics” school furniture program is conveniently featured in a separate section of the Hertz Furniture website with prominent navigational links to take visitors there from anywhere in the site. By listing these essential items in one place, the program makes ordering school furniture efficient and convenient for school administrators, purchasing managers, teachers and anyone else looking for basic classroom furniture. Nearly all of the Back to Basic items are included in Hertz Furniture’s current “Ships in 5” program which guarantees that all 5-Day items will ship within five business days or Hertz Furniture pays all of the customer’s freight charges.

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Essential and Affordable School Furniture - "Back to Basics"

Essential and Affordable School Furniture - "Back to Basics"

Affordable and essential school furniture from Hertz Furniture - the "Back to Basics" collection. Everything you need at prices you can afford.