Internet Marketing Success - Knowing Where You Stand and How to Achieve It

Finding the right internet marketing information for your personal, business or ecommerce web site can be overwhelming for the entrepreneur new to the world of internet marketing. has been developed to address this need.

Camarillo, AL, September 11, 2006 --( Seeing a need for a more centralized location for good, solid information on internet marketing to help those entrepreneurs just starting out or those wishing to take their site to the next level, the owners of Helpful Internet Marketing have created a web site to help those seeking to fulfill their internet marketing goals.

With the vast amount of information available on the web, it can be a daunting task for someone just starting out to know where to start and what software or courses will help them the most with their internet marketing needs. Having been in this very position, the owners decided they would develop a site to help others and shorten the time needed to be successful on the web. “We spent countless hours trying to start and run a successful internet business and having come across the good, bad and ugly, we decided to help prevent others from making our mistakes and wasting money on marginal or worthless software”, says Murray Williams, one of the developers of the site. “Our goal is to point entrepreneurs in the right direction and put them on the path to success.”

The site features selected articles that have been screened to ensure they provide useful information for the reader on aspects such as building an opt-in email list, email marketing, autoresponders, etc. Williams said, “these are very important aspects to being successful online, so we've included information regarding these areas of internet marketing. We've also chosen the articles so they aren't just a bunch of words that don't tell you anything useful.” There is also a list of recommended software developed through long and diligent personal research and much trial and error.

The web site articles and software recommendations are online and viewable by the public at:

Helpful Internet Marketing
Dagmar Anderson