Attorney and Accountant Shows Real Estate Investors the Way

Real Estate Entrepreneurs Have Some of the Best Tax Advantages When Their Business is Setup Correctly, the Key is Doing It Right the First Time.

Mooresville, NC, August 31, 2009 --( Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us is sponsoring a special 90 minute free teleseminar featuring real estate tax law attorney and accountant, John Hyre. Mr Hyre is going to share with participants three major topics to help them in their real estate investing business.

During the first portion of the conference call John is going to teach real estate investors how to properly handle their taxes and working with the IRS. Hyre has spent many years in tax law understanding not only the IRS regulations but also case law. He will draw off of past experience to show real estate investors that there are many ways to reduce your tax liability legally and ethically. As a special tip he will show real estate investors how to amend past returns to take advantage of little known depreciation benefits.

In the second half of the call Attorney Hyre will provide much needed information for real estate investors on how to choose and create the correct entities for their business from a legal and accounting standpoint. He will even share a little known asset protection tip that has nothing to do with the law.

The call will end with the Number One mistake investors make in their business that costs them cash. For more information and to register for the call visit To listen to last week’s Get Real show with John Hyre visit For more information on Mr. Hyre’s services visit

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