LeaderNation Allows You to Create Custom Competency Models and 360 Feedback Surveys in Minutes

LeaderNation (http://LeaderNation.com) has just launched a cost-effective, web-based leadership development 360 feedback system. LeaderNation helps companies create powerful leadership competency models that are linked to the mission, vision, and strategy of the organization. Consultants, coaches and HR professionals are partnering with LeaderNation to gain access to a suite of leadership development tools that enable them to deliver reports to leaders that contain actionable feedback.

New York, NY, August 31, 2009 --(PR.com)-- At LeaderNation, they feel that if it’s you job to help leaders develop and grow, it’s their mission to help you. As organizations grow leaner the importance of developing and retaining top talent becomes magnified. LeaderNation offers a cost-effective way to accomplish these important tasks. The key to all successful leadership development activities is self-awareness, and 360 feedback is the best tool to increase a leader’s self-awareness. LeaderNation employs a powerful, results-driven philosophy to deliver top notch 360 feedback instruments.

To ensure results that impact the bottom line, LeaderNation helps organizations design competency models which are guided by their unique mission, vision, and strategy. The LeaderNation system guides users through the critical process of thinking about how these key organizational aspects impact the design of high quality competency models.

LeaderNation supports leadership development efforts with research-based literature, practical training, and a knowledgeable support staff. Co-founder Joaquín Roca notes, “When we were creating the LeaderNation system we kept both administrators and end-users in mind. It was our goal to make this a pain-free process for all parties.” By providing coaches, consultants and HR professionals with training, support materials, and a dedicated support staff, LeaderNation helps its partners use rigorous data-collection techniques to learn more about successful leadership in their organizations. Mr. Roca continues, “I’m really excited about our growing library of behaviorally-based competencies.” LeaderNation’s competency library is just one of the many additional resources and tools they offer to help create tailored leadership competency models.

The LeaderNation system was designed to yield actionable feedback. Moving away from the traditional Likert-type scale, LeaderNation employs a continuous sliding scale to allow for more flexibility and precision in rating behaviors. This precision, coupled with LeaderNation’s philosophy that behaviorally-based questions result in feedback that is imminently actionable, helps leaders develop useful action plans. Further, the LeaderNation system complements the quantitative feedback collected using sliding scales with qualitative feedback that gives personalized comments directed at specific behaviors.

LeaderNation brought in Minds on Design Lab (MOD-Lab), based out of the DUMBO area in Brooklyn, as a design partner to ensure the usability of their system. Mr. Roca is confident in the results the partnership yielded, stating, “We felt it was important to bring in design experts to partner with our content experts on this project. MOD-Lab has an impressive portfolio of attractive, clean, and professional design, which we felt was going to be a value-add for this project. Most importantly, they have made certain that we kept our minds on the user at all times when designing the system.” The user-focused design that resulted from this partnership is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. MOD-Lab’s influence can be seen throughout the LeaderNation.com website and its web-based 360 feedback application.

LeaderNation is also very reasonably priced (http://LeaderNation.com/pricing-process). Co-founder Yaron Prywes talks about this value, saying, “By providing a low-cost leadership development solution, we hope to democratize leadership development by making high-quality leadership development solutions available to small and mid-sized companies. We also hope to serve independent coaches and consultants with a tool they can customize with their own branding and their own thoughts about leadership development.” This collaborative model has already proved fruitful for LeaderNation, through successful partnerships with small consultancies as well as independent coaches and consultants (http://LeaderNation.com/consulting-network).

To learn more about 360 feedback, visit LeaderNation’s FAQ section (http://LeaderNation.com/faq) which provides several free downloads including papers on 360 feedback, leadership competency modeling, and best practices for discussing feedback reports. LeaderNation is also running a launch special through the end of 2009 where the first five reports are free. To take advantage of this offer, contact LeaderNation through their web contact form (http://LeaderNation.com/contact) and ask about the launch special.

For more information, visit http://LeaderNation.com.
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Joaquin V. Roca