Home Energy Audit Gives Homeowners "Biggest Bang for Their Buck," Says New Greenville-Area Pro Energy Consultant Franchise Owner

Pro Energy Consultant Franchise Owner Drayton Gaillard recently opened his home energy auditing business in Greenville and Spartanburg counties. Now that utility bills have increased, he’s seeing more and more homeowners wanting to do all they can to save energy and reduce their energy costs.

Greenville, SC, September 01, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Drayton Gaillard is passionate about reducing energy bills and improving home comfort. For the past three years he’s researched the topic, cumulating in recently becoming the owner of his own Pro Energy Consultants home energy auditing franchise. His territory covers Greenville and Spartanburg counties.

Pro Energy Consultants, the nation’s first home energy auditing franchise, provides homeowners standardized, comprehensive energy audits designed to maximize the home’s comfort and energy efficiency while reducing energy costs. Franchise owners undergo extensive training at the company’s headquarters in Cleveland before beginning their business.

“It was a good fit because I’m kind of a ‘green’ person anyway,” said Gaillard, who moved to the area in 2003 after working as a supply chain analyst for a national industrial supplier in Atlanta, Ga. “If a homeowner wants the biggest bang for their buck in saving energy, the first thing they should do is a home energy audit.”

Gaillard first became interested in energy saving because he was tired of spending money on energy bills.

“My house is 15 years old, and the utility bills were just way too high. It had very leaky ductwork, an inefficient air conditioner that probably wasn’t installed properly initially, inadequate insulation—you name an issue, it was probably in this house,” said Gaillard. “That’s what put me over the edge.”

Gaillard says the heating and cooling efficiency of homes in the area—as well as the comfort levels—have often times been compromised, especially in the older homes. He adds that the interest in having an energy efficient home is relatively new.

“While energy costs were low, there really wasn’t a need to properly seal and insulate a home until a few years ago,” said Gaillard, who adds that there have been impressive improvements in numerous technologies that enhance the energy efficiency of a home.

“Air boundary issues and leakage, in conjunction with the air delivery system, leaky duct work and poor insulation are the biggest issues I’ve seen so far,” said Gaillard. “But every home is different. There’s certainly the opportunity for local residents to lower their energy bills.”

“The energy audit showed me where to prioritize my money to get the most energy savings on a limited budget,” said Cynthia Yeager, one of Gaillard’s customers. “Plus, it provided me a list of many things I can do myself that don’t cost much so I can work at my own pace to improve my home.”

Pro Energy Consultants uses state-of-the-art infrared imaging and blower-door testing to determine wasteful energy and the reasons for comfort issues (such as poor indoor air quality) in a home or facility. The process begins when an electronic blower door is installed in an exterior door. Once activated, the blower door allows the energy auditor to in essence take an “X-ray” of the home by using infrared thermal imaging to identify all the hidden building leakage areas—the real cause for excessive energy usage and major comfort complaints. A detailed report with prioritized recommendations for increasing the energy efficiency and comfort of the home is delivered to the homeowner within days of the energy audit.

“It’s great to have Drayton as part of our team,” said Pro Energy Consultants Managing Partner Derek Sola. “South Carolina is a perfect market for us. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of interest in this area from homeowners who are looking for affordable solutions for solving their comfort issues and reducing energy usage.”

According to Sola, his company has experienced considerable growth since being founded in 2008. He attributes this to the nation’s increased focus on fiscal responsibility and energy conservation. For example, several states are beginning to subsidize and reward homeowners who make their homes more energy efficient. Since June 1 the City of Austin required all sellers of non-exempt residential properties within the city limits to complete an energy audit and provide an energy audit report to prospective homebuyers prior to the sale. Nevada has passed legislation making energy audits mandatory in the near future. Many more states are considering similar legislation. In addition, many states will receive millions of dollars this year in stimulus grants for energy-efficient projects, including weatherization of homes.

For more information, residents in Greenville and Spartanburg counties can call 864-884-4381 or 888-9PROENERGY (1-888-977-6363), or visit http://www.proenergyconsultants.com


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Pro Energy Consultants, founded in 2008, is the first national franchise in residential energy auditing. Its mission is to provide standardized, comprehensive energy audits designed to maximize the home’s comfort and energy efficiency while reducing energy costs. Given the current economic conditions, it represents the ideal “green franchise” opportunity by providing franchisees a high-demand business with a low-cost of entry. The company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, currently has nearly 30 franchises nationwide. For more information, call 888.9PROENERGY (1-888-977-6363) or visit www.proenergyconsultants.com.
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