Medicare RAC Audit Preparation Identifies and Corrects Errors, Saving Thousands

Payment Automation Network, Inc. announced the launch of a new service for physicians, home health agencies, hospitals and durable medical equipment providers in preparation for the upcoming Medicare audit by the RACs.

Tacoma, WA, September 02, 2009 --( "The RAC audits are a big issue right now in the medical community," said Ken Martinez, President of Payment Automation Network, Inc. "Anyone who files claims with Medicare probably has at least a little bit of concern about what the RACs might find when they audit their practice. The RACs are compensated to find errors, so you can be sure they will be aggressive. Even a little technicality could end up costing a physician thousands of dollars. That's where we can help."

A detailed, comprehensive base-line audit in advance of the RAC is intended to assist the provider identify and correct errors in the current billing and coding, and to make recommendations for areas of improvement. By catching errors well in advance, a practice can save thousands of dollars in Medicare overpayments.

Payment Automation Network, Inc. will do an audit of a random sample of patient files. Audits are done by certified coders who have extensive experience in coding as well as government audits. The company has a page set up on their website with details of how the process works and what is needed, along with Frequently Asked Questions and contacts.

"The cost of doing a review independent of the Medicare RACs is minimal when you consider that not knowing what the audit contractors are going to find could cost you thousands," Ken Martinez said. "What's more, around 15% of the providers out there may find that they are being underpaid by Medicare due to improper coding. Believe it or not, Medicare is not only looking to recover money, but to pay back underpayments as well."

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