CMS: Bauer Media Group Launches Women's Portal with FirstSpirit™

The FirstSpirit™ Content Management System (CMS) from e-Spirit consolidates the websites of 30 women's magazines from Bauer Media Group.

London, United Kingdom, September 03, 2009 --( is the central Internet portal for 30 women's magazines.

The FirstSpirit™ Content Management System (CMS) from e-Spirit consolidates the websites of 30 women's magazines from Bauer Media Group. The publisher follows its previous launch of the food portal,, with, a comprehensive portal it created to serve an additional segment. Technical conception and development, as well as design and application maintenance, are once again being provided by neofonie, the IT full-service provider based in Berlin and e-Spirit partner. The result is a solution which in this form is unique in its industry and allows for an enormous variety of content to be managed using efficient editorial processes.

Users can access the new portal either by visiting or any of 30 brand entry points for the individual print products. The content for the various brands is organized and controlled for specific segments and target groups. The unique feature of the multi-branding concept here lies in the fact that by using the relevant context modules editorial content can be displayed under various navigation headings and in all the domains. This complex and easily extendable online portal, with its editing system, integrated search solution, and community- and live streaming, thus represents a compelling and cost-efficient solution for introducing print brands to the Internet.

Technically this is enabled by a portal framework developed by neofonie using its neofonie search and neofonie community solutions, which are based on the FirstSpirit Content Management System. The portal logic, which has already demonstrated its value with, uses a system with multi-client capability to run multiple domains on a single infrastructure. This allows you to bundle any number of editorially independent brand websites in a parent brand portal and manage them with significantly reduced editorial costs.

With, special emphasis was already placed on providing a clear structure, intuitive user navigation, and a powerful visual effect. Now, with the addition of such new features as automatic cross-linking, there are new bridges between the content, which introduces benefits that go beyond just encouraging visitors to stay longer at the portal sites. Now users see a steady stream of new content, which in turn enables more effective advertising. "Through our collaboration with neofonie we've now developed a unique multi-portal structure based on FirstSpirit that offers lots of state-of-the-art features," explains Eva-Maria Bauch, General Manager at Bauer Digital KG.

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