Sikh Education Conference Announced

Bridgewater, NJ, September 03, 2009 --( Sikh Research Institute (SikhRI) announced today that they will be holding a Sikh Education Conference in Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA on 26-27 September 2009. The Sikh Education Conference will bring together Sikh Educators who work with children from Kindergarten to Grade 12 to discuss issues of utmost importance to Sikhi Education.

Over the last several years teachers and administrators at Gurmat and Panjabi Schools have craved a network in which they can share their teaching styles, knowledge base, and passion for Sikhi Education. TheSikh Education Conference will kick off the Sikh Educators Network (SEN). Jasmine Kaur, SikhRI’s Director of Education shares “we want to facilitate a Sikh Educators Network to help teachers and administrators at Gurmat and Panjabi Schools and Sikh Educators at large work together on issues pertinent to Sikhieducation. Sharing of peer ideas and building a network is important to the success of schools and helps students learn better.”

The Sikh Education Conference will be held at the Bridgewater Khalsa School in New Jersey, USA. “We are excited to have the Bridgewater Khalsa School as the host for this 3rd Sikh Education Conference” says Gurvendra Singh Suri, SikhRI Board of Directors, President. “Under the leadership of Mandhir Singh, the teachers of this school have shown effective mentorship to their students” he adds.

The Conference will showcase presentations and workshops in areas of ‘Sikh Education: Road Map for the Next Decade’, ‘Importance of Language Education’, ‘Leadership & Communication Skills’ and ‘Teacher Best Practices’ amongst many more. Kuldeep Singh, this year’s keynote speaker will highlight what the Sikh community’s education system looks like in its current state and what it will look like in a decade if and when effective resources are used in developing responsible global citizens. Other presenters will include members with background in language acquisition, counseling, teaching experiences in Public and Private schools, researchers and developmental specialists. Schools will also be invited to share students’ works and creative educational ideas in an exhibit.

Sikh Research Institute, a pioneer in Sikh Education, launched the 1st ever Standards based curriculum, Sojhi: Gurmat and Panjabi Education Resource. Currently 43 schools across USA, Canada, and UK have adopted the curriculum. The Sikh Education Conference will bring together teachers from these schools as well as all Sikh Educators with a keen interest in K-12 Sikhi Education.
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