Shawn “Flexatron” Rhoden Wins IFBB North American GENr8-Sponsored Athlete Secures IFBB Pro Card

Cleveland, OH, September 03, 2009 --( Shawn Rhoden, Jamaican-born bodybuilder, secured the Heavyweight and Overall titles at the 2009 IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships in Cleveland, earning IFBB pro bodybuilder status.

The 33 year-old heated up the stage and audience with captivating posing, augmenting his balanced, 218-pound physique and eclipsing his competition to win both Heavyweight and Overall titles. When asked how he felt after his victory, Rhoden said, “Honestly I didn’t expect this at all. I wanted to see where I fit in after taking 7 years off.” In 2003 Shawn’s father died of lung cancer, leading Shawn to dedicate much of his time to sustaining the business and placing bodybuilding competition on hold. In early August he won the Heavyweight Division of the NPC Delaware State Bodybuilding Championships.

Rhoden joined GENr8, exclusive marketers of Vitargo S2, back in June 2009. “I met Shawn in the restaurant of the hotel during the Arnold earlier this year and was captivated by his humility and subtle confidence,” stated Anthony Almada, President and CEO of GENr8. “He is a fantastic addition to our diverse selection of sponsored athletes.” Rhoden had been using Vitargo S2 as his primary carb source for the last few weeks before the North American Champs. “I used Vitargo S2 with my meals before, during and after training. Using Vitargo S2 the last few weeks of the competition helped to keep my muscle bellies full and round. I was also able to keep a pump at all times,” added Rhoden.

“Shawn embodies what I envision bodybuilding to be like, where it’s shape, symmetry, and definition,” offered Shawn Ray, IFBB Hall of Fame pro bodybuilder, a top 5 finalist at the Mr. Olympia for a dozen consecutive years, and co-anchor of Muscular Development TV (MDTV) contest coverage. “Structurally, his physique is all there. He has the physique that’s ready to hit the pro stage now!” Mr. Ray is also Chief Consultant and Strategist to GENr8 in physique sports.

In Flexatron’s post-contest interview on, co-anchor Flex Wheeler- 4-time winner of the Arnold Classic and top 2 finalist in the Mr. Olympia three times- remarked, “You [Rhoden] are probably one of the most genetically gifted guys I’ve seen in a long time. The sky’s the limit.”


GENr8 ( is an evidence-based performance nutrition company with deep roots in university research, led by a management team with over 125 years of nutrition industry expertise. GENr8 has had the exclusive rights to Vitargo in North America since December 2007 and has distribution into 4 continents. GENr8 is sold in over 1,800 GNC stores (, in a rapidly expanding variety of Authorized Resellers across the USA and Canada, and on Nationwide distribution into Canada is anticipated by the end of 2009.

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