New Video Service for Real Estate Agents (Anywhere)

A new service for real estate agents that allows them to use inexpensive videos to capture the imagination of buyers, complete with a live link at the end of each video that buyers can click for more information or offers.

Melbourne, Australia, September 04, 2009 --( Real estate agents anywhere can now access a new service that turns their existing property photos into stunning, powerful videos complete with key selling messages and a hotlink to further information. has launched the service to supply inexpensive videos to the real estate market. Graham Kelly who runs Kelly Communications Pty Ltd, the company behind the venture, said the short videos were a far more powerful way of communicating with potential buyers.

“These videos are very creative in their mix of music and movement. They’re compelling to watch and nothing like the old-fashioned slide shows we see on so many real estate agency websites”, Mr Kelly said. allows real estate agents to sign up online with a small annual subscription fee and then an even smaller fee per clip that they want produced for each property they want to highlight.

Graham Kelly said: “The agents can be anywhere in the world. All they have to do is sign up and then email us their photos and we can produce these innovative, creative videos for them to embed on their websites. We can even embed the code on our site if they prefer to do that.

The hotlink button at the end of each video is a huge plus for real estate agents as they can link to another of their pages with more details on the property just viewed.”

Mr Kelly said another plus was that his firm could also accept small video clips to insert into the videos as well as photos.

“That really makes them even more memorable”, he said.

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