Entertainer Releases New Life Changing Book and Makes His Own Waves of Change in Los Angeles and Orange County

Up and coming action actor helps you, step by step, to find your definition of success with his new book and motivational presentations.

Whittier, CA, September 06, 2009 --(PR.com)-- There is an epicenter for positive change improving the lives of those in search of solutions to the trying times of today and it’s a new book called Dragon Fire: Finding Your Personal Best.”

Dragon Fire’s author is Whittier, California’s Robbie Alexander. Robbie is an action actor, professional martial artist and fitness professional who’s goal in writing this book is to give people the secret to finding the victory over the “yo-yo” conditions of our lives: specifically, yo-yo bank accounts, relationships and diets. This book lays the foundations for the positive change he wants to impress on the minds of Southern California.

This new book is an interesting approach to developing the body of a god (or goddess) because it shows you, step by step,
*how to develop the habits for becoming a champion of life and then
*he challenges you to take the necessary action towards high achievement in all areas of development. “The term I like to use for myself is Life Coach because along with being Southern California’s best fitness trainer, I help you to find victory in all areas of human development: spiritual, mental physical, relational and how all these tie into your financial success” says Alexander.

Mr. Alexander’s mission for 2009 is to drop ten “love bombs” where they’re needed most in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Recently, he led a remodeling project in Whittier’s “How House”, a powerful addiction recovery center. Robbie’s current mission is to motivate and educate the children and families of Skid Row to have a “winner’s mindset” instead of a “victim’s mindset”. “Skid Row is in itself, a powerful mindset and it is my duty to do all I can to attract education and examples of “minority success” to that forsaken area. This is so much more powerful than dropping money, food or law enforcement into Skid Row” says Alexander.

You can order “Dragon Fire” anywhere books are sold online or at your favorite bookstore.

Dragon Fire
Robbie Alexander