National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan Makes Waves After National Launch

The National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan offered by Debt Free League is rapidly spreading throughout the country. Its numerous benefits are helping Americans in financial distress to efficiently eliminate troubling credit card, medical, and business debts.

San Diego, CA, September 07, 2009 --( Debt Free League's official release of the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan couldn't have arrived at a better occasion. The powerful debt relief option is predominantly aimed at helping credit card consumers who are being crushed by these harsh economical times.

According to CNN, 144 million Americans charge $1.5 trillion each year on credit cards.

Besides providing aggressive credit card debt reduction benefits to consumers, the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan has been a godsend in eliminating personal debt, medical debt, and business debt.

"One of our clients felt like jumping off the bridge after defaulting on over $60,000 of creditor payment obligations. But the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan helped him repay approximately $22,000 as payment in full to his creditors", declares Eric Santacruz, V.P. of Debt Free League.

Superior to debt consolidation options, the benefits and guarantees of the debt settlement plan are enormous.

New clients are reassured by a 100% money-back guarantee. In countering present financial woes, approval was made this year for the plan's enrollment fees to be reduced to the lowest fees in the debt settlement industry.

Additionally, clients who have to cancel from the plan due to an unforeseen financial hardship are allowed to re enroll in the plan and receive a credit up to 100% of the fees they previously paid.

The National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan is also unique in helping clients stop creditor harassment and can negotiate a variety of unsecured debts. Included are balances on collection accounts, creditor lawsuits, and even judgments, many of which the plan has historically cut in half.

"In the first quarter of 2009, the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan negotiated debt settlements averaging 38%, many of our clients saw their debts lowered from 50-73%", boasts Mr. Santacruz.

The considerable savings helped Debt Free League clients get out of debt in less time. People even received refunds from the money that they saved for future settlements.

In order to qualify for the National Debt Relief Stimulus Plan, you must have a viable source of income and owe $10,000 or more in unsecured debt. For more information, call Debt Free League at 1-800-213-9968 or visit

Debt Free League is a leading national debt settlement organization, which specializes in the settlement of unsecured personal, medical, and business debts.

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