Ash Mehta, CEO of Orchard Growth Partners, is Participating in the Blackthorn Focus Roundtable on Smallcap Markets, Sponsored by BDO Stoy Hayward

Ash Mehta will be attending the roundtable on 'Solutions for Smallcap Markets', held at the BDO Stoy Hayward Baker Street offices on September 10th, in order to champion the needs of AIM quoted growth businesses.

London, United Kingdom, September 09, 2009 --( Orchard Growth Partners is pleased to announce that CEO Ash Mehta has accepted an invitation to participate in the Blackthorn Focus roundtable on 'Solutions for Smallcap Markets' that is being held on 10th September at BDO Stoy Hayward's Baker Street offices. Fellow participants include Marcus Stuttard, Head of AIM at the London Stock Exchange and Tony Vine-Lott, Director General of the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA). The roundtable has been organised to provide participants with the opportunity to discuss critical issues on the current status of the UK smallcap market, the difficulties that smallcap companies have suffered during the economic downturn, and potential methods of improving investment opportunities in the UK smallcap market. For more information go to or telephone 0845 3700 303.

As the part-time Finance Director for Northbridge Industrial Services Plc, Ash Mehta has direct experience of being on the board of a growth company that is AIM quoted and looking for investment. "This is an excellent forum to discuss these key issues," commented Ash. "The issue that I am most keen to discuss is the difficulty AIM quoted companies have in attracting growth capital when there are 1,500 other companies competing with them for that same pool of investment funds," Ash explained. "It has become increasingly difficult for growing AIM-quoted companies to get noticed by investors."

Since its launch in 1995, over 3,000 companies have joined AIM, London Stock Exchange's market for smaller growing companies seeking access to growth capital and today around 1,500 companies are still quoted on AIM. "I believe a solution to the issue of managing so many companies is to segment the AIM market, making it easy for investors to narrow their focus to areas that they are interested in, and thus find potential companies for investment more quickly and easily," Ash proposed. "I firmly believe that institutional investors are being deterred from investment in the UK smallcap market because of this very issue; they simply don't have the time and resources to navigate their way through the thousands of potentials. However," Ash concluded. "If the AIM market was segmented, I'm certain it would reduce this barrier to investment, and help the growth businesses that our economy depends upon to find the growth capital they need to fulfill their potential."

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