The New World of Bones – Thyroid, Leptin, Blood Sugar Metabolism and Bone Strength All Directly Linked. Bones Are No Longer Simply Structure But an Endocrine Organ.

Wellness Resources® publishes new content on new bone research showing that thyroid hormone, leptin, insulin, and blood sugar metabolism are directly linked to healthy bone function. On the very forefront of the research is science showing that for the first time your bones are now viewed as an endocrine organ. This is a remarkable discovery and places even more importance on maintaining true bone health, density, and strength.

Minneapolis, MN, September 10, 2009 --( Byron J. Richards, Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and founder of Wellness Resources, says that one of the most dramatic discoveries in recent times is the direct linking of bone to the natural regulation of blood sugar metabolism in your body. This new science now demonstrates that bones are actually an endocrine organ. The traditional understanding of bone as primarily a structural material has been transformed to the new understanding of bone as a vitally important endocrine organ – with the hormone leptin sitting right in the middle of everything. This new information yields immediate practical applications not only for improved metabolism but also for better bone health and strength.

“The bottom line message is that anything you can do to improve your metabolism is likely to improve your bone health and anything you do to improve your bone health is likely to improve your metabolism,” explains Richards. “This gives you many new angles to help ensure you have healthy and strong bones.”

The new science shows that bone formation and bone strength are managed by the efficient function of leptin and thyroid. Problems with either topic, such as overweight-related leptin resistance or sub-clinical hypothyroid (elevating TSH) directly impair healthy bones – making them weaker and more at risk for fracture. A new metabolic role for bone has also been discovered, indicating that healthy bone function has a primary impact on blood sugar levels, insulin function, and body weight. This newly identified role of bone as a metabolic endocrine organ is of primary importance in metabolism, not a secondary role of limited importance. Bone health and metabolic health are highly integrated, in a chicken and egg manner, and mastering them is central to healthy aging and longevity.

Byron J. Richards, Founder/Director of Wellness Resources, Inc., is a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist and a world renowned natural health expert. He has been a charter professional member of the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN) since 1991. Richards’ 25 years of in depth experience on the front lines of clinical nutrition has helped thousands of individuals with complex health situations.

Wellness Resources Inc. was built around the vision of helping individuals the world over to utilize safe and effective nutritional supplement solutions. Byron J. Richards developed the Wellness Resources® supplement line after he found that the quality of professional grade supplements was lacking and other companies’ supplements were unable to produce the clinical results he was looking for.

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