enMotion® Line Features First-of-Its-Kind Towel

Georgia-Pacific Professional Launches New Towel with Lotion.

Atlanta, GA, September 10, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The enMotion® family of touchless towel dispensers has a new member – enMotion® with Lotion towels. The innovative hand drying solution is the only moisture-activated lotion towel in the away-from-home market.

enMotion with Lotion towels have been designed with softness in mind to help protect hands from the signs of dryness, cracking and scaling1 – a common issue among employees required to engage in frequent hand washing. Release of the lotion applied to the towels is enhanced when in contact with water, typically after hand washing.

With a keen understanding of the industries it serves, Georgia-Pacific Professional provides innovative products that improve the washroom experience. Coupled with the enMotion touchless dispensing system, enMotion with Lotion towels can help increase hand washing compliance and help reduce cross-contamination, ultimately helping food industry employees maintain important hygiene, food safety and sanitation methods.

“Georgia-Pacific Professional recognized the challenges employees in various industries endure from frequent hand washing, and used this feedback to develop solutions to address this common issue,” said Craig Yardley, vice president and general manager - towel category. “We are hopeful that enMotion with Lotion towels will be a key pillar as we work to promote better hand hygiene compliance and improve the experience of employees that take a particular interest in hand hygiene like food service employees.”

According to a Food and Drug Administration study, poor hygiene accounted for 31.2 percent of the risk factors that contribute to food contamination. enMotion with Lotion towels were designed to help combat these types of health and hygiene concerns for companies in the food service industry.

The enMotion with Lotion towel is part of Georgia-Pacific Professional’s goal to create products that are cost effective and increase both hygiene and environmental awareness among users.

As part of this effort, together the enMotion with Lotion towels and enMotion automated touchless wall-mount dispensers comply with Georgia-Pacific Professional’s Green by Design™ program. This unique program provides source reduction benefits that distinguish the enMotion brand.

To ensure a better customer experience and convenient transition to this new product, the enMotion with Lotion roll towels were designed to fit in the enMotion automated touchless wall-mount dispensers and the enMotion Impulse 10 dispensers. enMotion dispensers are only available for lease through an authorized distributor. Please visit www.gppro.com for more information on this product and other enMotion products.

1 A GP sponsored study at a leading independent research laboratory showed that after washing 10 times per day, for 10 seconds over 15 days, hands showed signs of less dryness.
2 Food and Drug Administration, “FDA Report on the Occurrence of Foodborne Illness Risk Factors in Selected Institutional Foodservice, Restaurant, and Retail Food Store Facility Types” (2004).

About Green by Design™ PRODUCTS
Since the 1930s, Georgia-Pacific Professional and its predecessors have pioneered systems that reduce waste. Georgia-Pacific Professional produces 200 away-from-home products containing 95 to 100 percent recycled fiber and 40 products that help companies earn LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Georgia-Pacific Professional works closely with its affiliated recycling company, Harmon Associates, which facilitates the brokerage of six million tons of recovered paper each year.

In 2007, Georgia-Pacific Professional began labeling the environmental benefits of its products using the Green by Design designation. Green by Design-marked products follow the EPA’s 3 R program of reduce, reuse and recycle. Georgia-Pacific Professional labels the packaging for its Green by Design qualified products with seals that designate which of the 3 R’s the product satisfies and how the particular product satisfies the relevant environmental criteria.

For more information about Green by Design™, please call 1-866-HELLO GP (435-5647) or visit us at www.gppro.com.

About Georgia-Pacific Professional
Georgia-Pacific Professional is a provider of hygienic dispensing systems, towels, tissues, soaps, air fresheners, wipers, cups, cutlery and napkins. Two business groups operate under the Georgia-Pacific Professional business. The Washroom and Wiper Solutions group provides the full range of products to market segments including office buildings, healthcare, manufacturing, and lodging facilities. The Food Services Solutions group focuses on such segments as restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience stores. The Georgia-Pacific Professional business features such well-known product brands as enMotion®, Compact®, Dixie®, EasyNap®, SmartStock® and Brawny Industrial(tm). For more information on Georgia-Pacific Professional, please call 1-866-HELLO GP (435-5647) or visit us at www.gppro.com.

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