Financial Literacy Forums Launched - What You Know Counts

FinanciaLiteracy.Com/Prosperity® Forums Weigh in…What You Know Counts. Healthcare, Social Security and Medicare…What to Do?

Alexandria, VA, September 10, 2009 --( FinanciaLiteracy.Com Forums feature five timely sections:

1.New Treatment for the US: Healthcare Reform
2.Will It Still Be There? Social Security and Medicare
3. Borrowing and Beyond…Trillions and Counting
4.Bailout! Working But at What Cost?
5. Share Your Savings…Coupons, Deals and More

FinanciaLiteracy.Com, LLC introduces the Forums at FinanciaLiteracy.Com.

Forums is a “marketplace” for the free exchange of ideas and provides a platform to discuss current political issues such as Healthcare Reform, Social Security and Medicare Reform, Taxes and how to achieve financial literacy.

The real question is…who gets and who gives?

The Forum Section addresses the current ongoing Healthcare Reform debate that has spread to town halls, kitchen tables, water coolers and essentially anywhere and everywhere.

In order to help clarify the misconceptions, Forums feature reasoned debate, active moderation, as well as expert opinions and guest bloggers.

The Forum encourages persons of all ages and backgrounds to participate as the economic issues and imminent policy decisions will affect all.

The FinanciaLiteracy.Com Forums are a feature of the site: FinanciaLiteracy.Com. They require registration and are free.

They aim to be no hassle, no fee, entertaining and useful.

FinanciaLiteracy.Com/Prosperity® is a registered trademark and FinLitTV ™ is a pending trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office.

Joan Fredricks