Registers of Water Treatment Chemical Distributors in Europe

Lahti, Finland, September 12, 2009 --( Water quality is an acute problem in many European countries and solutions for water treatment are in high demand. One of the key factors for foreign companies in succeeding in different markets is finding a reliable partner and distributor. Global Research & Data Services published recently the following registers of water treatment chemical distributors in different European countries:

Russia (24 distributors, 190 EUR)
Poland (60 distributors, 290 EUR)
France (153 distributors, 390 EUR)
Germany (22 distributors, 190 EUR)
Italy (85 distributors, 290 EUR)
Ukraine (45 distributors, 190 EUR)
UK (154 distributors, 390 EUR)
Belarus (7 distributors, 100 EUR)
Croatia (6 distributors, 100 EUR)
Czech Republic (78 distributors, 290 EUR)
Belgium (31 distributors, 190 EUR)
Denmark (32 distributors, 190 EUR)
Finland (12 distributors, 190 EUR)
Moldova (12 distributors, 190 EUR)
Netherlands (21 distributors, 190 EUR)
Norway (47 distributors, 190 EUR)
Romania (32 distributors, 190 EUR)
Slovakia (40 distributors, 190 EUR)
Spain (41 distributors, 190 EUR)
Sweden (40 distributors, 190 EUR)
Switzerland (33 distributors, 190 EUR)
Europe (includes all the above-mentioned registers, 988 distributors, 1890 EUR)

The registers include the following information about the distributors:

- company name
- contact information
- contact person

The registers are in English, and they are delivered by email in Excel-format. You can order a register or ask for more information by contacting:

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