Wild Women Create Peace in the Garden

On Sunday September 20th, Wild Women Create Peace & Healing in the Garden with Herbs, Chants & Hip Hop. World Renowned Yogi Shiva Rae & Hugging Saint Amma have inspired a Brooklyn community UN Peace Day event.

New York, NY, September 11, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The Kakini Healing Center & Be Wild Woman, have joined with Arts for Arts, & The Walt Shamel Community Garden for the Global Mala Project to create peace in Brooklyn. Peace and Healing in the Garden is an all day community event bringing people together with music, food, yoga, peace chants, herbal remedies, hip hop, art, & more. Yogi Shiva Rae, the catalyst for the Global Mala Project, seeks to unite & form "a mala (Sanskrit: necklace or garland) around the earth" through community service, fundraisers, and collective practices. This is based on the sacred cycle of 108 at the Fall Equinox to further the efforts of the UN International Peace Day.

After their wildly successful “Wild Wombing Art Exhibit and Herb Walk” at The Annual Art on Dean show at the Walt Shamel Community Garden on August 22nd, Be Wild Woman planned a women’s healing event to celebrate the harvest, share herbal remedies with herbs from the garden, and raise funds to help women to “womb” and reclaim their creative power. Kiana Love, founder of The Kakini Healing Center & Be Wild Woman organized Peace and Healing in the Garden when Kiana realized how closely it resonated with her vision of Be Wild Woman and its mission of helping women to reclaim their creative power. “Wombing" —a term coined by Kiana to redefine womb as an action as well as a place—means creating and cultivating safety in one's body, life, and community. Kiana has experienced personally and witnessed among others through her healing practice how essential it is to establish a safe space in order for women to be able to heal and cultivate relationship with their innate wildness.

Peace and Healing in the Garden also resonated with the message of her spiritual teacher Saint Amma, recipient of the Gandhi-King Award for Non-violence. When Amma addressed the UN she said ”When we work together as a global family, not merely belonging to a particular race, religion or nation, peace and happiness will once again prevail on this earth”. With Amma’s birthday, the The UN International Peace Day & The Fall Equinox all converging around this weekend, it was the perfect time to bring Peace & Healing in the Garden to Brooklyn.

Arts for Arts has also joined in the peace efforts within Gardens Series bringing innovative music into community gardens throughout NYC this month. The Kakini Healing Center will start the day with prayers, chants, yoga, stretching and dancing to create peace in the body and in the world. Then Be Wild Woman will share herbal remedies to stave off the plague. After a Fall Equinox invocation Arts for Arts will kick off music from its grassroots coalition of musical artists. Throughout the afternoon there will be healing art & crafts to see & create, healthy herbal delights, information on affordable housing, health care, and ways to give back to your community. There will also be hip-hop for kids, a rose petal pool, comfort food, bbq & bake sale by Walt Shamel gardeners.

Kiana says that “the way to create peace in the world is the start at home, in our hearts and in our communities, from there it is only natural to reach out spread the peace we feel inside". Donations and proceeds will go to support the Mushana Global Mala Project, The Be Wild Woman Wombing Project, and The Walt Shamel Community Garden.

Sunday, September 20, 2009 11a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Kakini Healing Center, Be Wild Woman, Art for Arts, & Walt Shamel Community Garden present

11am-1pm Global Mala Peace Equinox
Amma mantra & healing meditation in honor of Amma's Birthday
Chakracize for Peace - chakra peace chant & chakra movement stretch, dance, chant, sing, laugh for peace in your body and in our world

1-2pm Be Wild Woman Herbal Remedies to Keep the Doctor Away
*Herbal Ale, Wine, Vinegar, & Hot Cayenne..to stave off the plague and bring back passion. *Self-guided healing herb garden walk

2-5pm Art for Arts in Gardens
Fall Equinox Invocation by Kiana Love
Musical Performances include: Matt Plummer Group ,Jeremy Young, Sabir Mateen
Dance by Global Kids Peace Hip Hop, Carl Knight, MJ Donahue & Boom

*Walt Shamel Community Garden BBQ & Bake Sale
comfort foods and delectable delights from our community gardeners!

*Be Wild Woman Wombing Oasis
gallery of art, healing art to make, make your own peace journal, learn about be wild woman's healing peace efforts, herbal culinary treats

-Be Wild Kid's Station -peace crafting for kids, recyclable art, hip hop, peace talk

Peaceful healing stations include:
*Tarot,*Chair Massage* Face Painting*Rose petal pool

Where: Walt Shamel Garden | 1095 Dean Street btwn Bedford and Franklin

The Kakini Healing Center
Kiana Love
be wild woman is part of Kakini Healing