Boulder Channel One Receives Positive Feedback from First Ever Live TV Show in Downtown Boulder

This past Labor Day weekend, Boulder Channel One was live streaming from the Boulder Hometown Fair and was received by people around the world

Boulder, CO, September 12, 2009 --( Boulder Channel One had a booth set up in the Boulder Hometown Fair this past Labor day weekend. The popular local internet television channel set up its live streaming equipment and hosted three full days of events and activities. Viewers were registered from all over the world including London, Heath Australia, from our troops in Afghanistan and from former Boulderites in NYC, Florida, LA, and San Francisco. Boulder Channel one Host and founder Jann Scott said, “We registered over 40,000 viewers per day and 1561 online chatters. This was un-presented, something like this has never before happened in Boulder, and we were the ones that did it.”

In responding to the idea behind live Internet television, Scott had this to say, “The internet technical marvel of live casting a TV network from a Sony XF-7 Hi definition camera and a laptop from a cricket wireless card brings new meaning to Live Television. That concept is lost not only on old media but on new media too, proven by systems like YouTube, and Vemo are still losing money. Boulder Channel One is the financial model for Channel One Networks. At the local level it beats all of the above in viewership and advertising revenue.”

The live internet TV hosts included: Jann Scott, Gabe Lee, Heather Loser, Erin Smith and Dan Culberson. The show consisted of interviewing local politicians, such as Congressman Jared Polis who held a 30 minute interview with Dan Culberson; Former city councilman Don Mock and Dan Courson. City council candidates Rob Smoke and Seth Brigham appeared on the live show and other candidates who were on vacation wrote in or blogged. Some other events included a pie eating contest, a classic car show, musicians and poets, local acting troops, and performances by popular comedians.

“Some highlights of our live shows were the coverage of zucchini races followed by interviews with children and parents who won; it was touching, heartfelt and fun,” Scott said in response to his on air comment that was made just after a race, “It reminds me of my youth. When we kids learned of the true value of craftsmanship, I mean, you had to grow that zucchini from scratch and then carefully shove giant wheels into its flesh thus creating a monstrous beast of a vehicle that went speeds up to 2.5 miles an hour. Ahh the memories.”

About Boulder Channel One:
Boulder Channel One is an internet channel of Channel One Networks was founded by Jann Scott, a Boulder tech mogul with decades of experience in internet, television, print, video and radio news broadcasting. In 2005 his company created and soft launched The World Channels. Scott then created an entire satellite system of TV channels online. Channel One Networks is internet only television designed for the local community, however through national media partnerships, weekly shows are aired on traditional television. The staff is a mix of seasoned advertising media types and young hip designers. Channel One Networks relies on sound financial and production models that utilize the unique and upcoming social platform of internet television. For more information please visit,

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