Introduces Interactive WACC Analysis for Over 3,000 Investments combines the highest quality WACC discount rate analysis with Web 2.0 technologies for over 3,000 companies. See WACC calculations of your favorite companies and experiment with’s analysis to create your own valuation.

Jacksonville, FL, September 13, 2009 --(, the world’s largest interactive investment research company, announces the introduction of comprehensive WACC (weight average cost of capital) discount rate calculations of over 3,000 companies, including the world’s largest corporations. Professional investors and finance students now have an open source to freely experiment with industry quality WACC discount rates and discuss individual insights., as the future of investment research and analysis, continues to be the foremost global authority in interactive investment research of companies, currencies, countries and commodities.

The WACC calculations for companies, industries, hedge funds, private equity funds, and stock indexes ( are displayed in real time. Each WACC discount rate analysis features up to eleven comparable companies with real time stock price updates. Users can manipulate the companies to better suit their individual investment needs. uses the CAPM (capital asset pricing model) to compute the cost of equity and a levered/unlevered beta adjustment to refine the WACC calculation.’s user-friendly transparency model, succinct approach, and customization can aid investment professionals in their research.’s innovative experiment mode (WIEM) allows persons to experiment with any number, formula, and assumption to reflect individual insights. From Apple Inc. ( to debt-laden MGM Mirage (, the WEIM customization is another industry first, developed by Calculate and explore how different combinations of comparable companies match your needs without painstakingly creating a separate research report or protocol each time. Use to acquire WACC estimates before building your own models and apply’s industry quality analysis to contrast and evaluate your finished analysis. The analysis is free, but the time saved is priceless. Experiment with tax rates, debt levels, beta estimates, shares outstanding and other figures based on your individual assumptions. provides the highest quality WACC calculations and an unmatched level of customization to aid your investment style or learning objective.

The WACC discount rate calculation is only one segment of’s full investment research report (FIRR). The FIRR includes a complete discounted cash flow analysis, comparable company approach, and Warren Buffett-like intrinsic value calculation. The combination of’s distinctive Wiki platform and company-specific analysis makes it the most comprehensive investment resource for students, analysts and other professionals. This innovated approach is available in only one place:

About: combines value investing principles with Web 2.0 interactive technology to produce cutting edge analysis. Through collaborative web tools and online spreadsheets, created the world’s first interactive / user-enhanced investment reports for companies, countries and commodities.’s services include stock research, private company valuations, investment consulting, and investment vehicle management. The Future of Investment Research and Analysis.

David Durant