Move Cheap LLC Completes 3000 Moves

Local Cincinnati Moving Labor Company Completes a Milestone.

Cincinnati, OH, December 28, 2008 --( It's the end of December, and company representative Tim Armstrong takes a deep breath of success as he compliments one of the movers working for his company. "I had thought completing one thousand moves in a little more than a three year span would have been an accomplishment, but no one could have guessed three thousand." Move Cheap LLC, a local Cincinnati moving labor company, has just completed job number 3000. Beginning their venture in late 2005, the company sought out to redefine the moving industry from the ground up. Customers would rent their own moving trucks, and Move Cheap supplies the labor to load and unload those trucks for a price that is far cheaper than their full service competition. "We put in the hard work, got the word out, and in the span of a few weeks, our phones wouldn't stop ringing. But that's a good thing!" When asked what he expects for the coming years, he smiles and replies, "Only to give our customers a better and more affordable way to move."

Move Ceap LLC
Tim Armstrong