Snap Up Real Estate Launched by Kamloops Entrepreneurs

Kamloops entrepreneurs launch a new real estate web portal called Snap Up Real Estate. The partnership that runs the company has strong roots within Kamloops, and plans to service all of Canada.

Vancouver, Canada, September 15, 2006 --( Kamloops is now home to the newest real estate website on the Internet. Snap Up Real Estate recently announced the launch of their website, ( which brings selling and searching for real estate into the 21st Century. The Kamloops based company has strong roots in the community with two of the company’s three partners already running other business ventures in the city. Dave Zirnhelt is the President of Wholesale Furniture Brokers, and Mickael Maddison is the founder and President of the web service company, SilverServers. The third member of the partnership, Bart Zirnhelt is the full-time Operations Manager of Snap Up Real Estate.

Snap Up Real Estate is a company created through a partnership of Silver Servers Inc. (Mickael Maddison as President), and brothers, Bart and Dave Zirnhelt. Mickael Maddison applies his company’s expertise in website design and hosting to give Snap Up Real Estate the technological edge needed to compete in the competitive online real estate industry. Dave Zirnhelt lends his knowledge of online sales and marketing to offer guidance and marketing to Snap Up Real Estate. With a BA from TRU, Bart Zirnhelt manages the site’s content and business operations.

Snap Up Real Estate is offering clients free property listings and free trial periods on upgrades in order for people to become comfortable with using the new site. Listings range from one picture with text, which is always free, to multiple picture uploads and even video uploads. With so many sites already available to users, why choose Snap Up Real Estate? Dave Zirnhelt replied, “Many of the other sites are old and out-dated. Their technology has not kept up with the growth of the Internet, and they charge $50 - $400 for a private listing. Snap Up Real Estate is free with some upgrades available to increase users’ exposure.” The fledgling company’s ability to combine the wants and needs of private sellers, along with the power of real estate agents and brokers could make it a formidable influence in the online real estate market.

Online real estate sites are not a new idea, but Snap Up Real Estate hopes to improve on a good idea. When asked why a real estate website? Dave Zirnhelt replied, “There have been real estate sites since the beginning of the Internet, but we wanted to make it easy to use and harness the power of the search engines. Our site is optimized to allow the search engines to index the listings and the content easily.” Since their Beta launch in June of this year they have shown users how easy their site is to operate, with intuitive functionality. Unlike many other For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sites, Snap Up Real Estate welcomes the participation of real estate agents. It is known that people shopping for homes do not only focus on FSBO, but use them as one of the available resources. With the inclusion of real estate agents and brokers, property seekers do not have to jump all over the internet to find what they need. Bart Zirnhelt commented that, “In my market analysis of real estate, both online and traditional, I found that over 70% of people looking for real estate use the Internet as a tool. I also found that the prices commanded by real estate advertising online is one of the highest on the Internet.”

Snap Up Real Estate began as a simple idea over a year ago. Dave Zirnhelt decided to apply his knowledge of online sales and marketing to a new venue, real estate. But, with his furniture site consuming almost all of his time he needed someone to run the new business. Mickael Maddison was also too busy to devote the needed hours to develop the site to the full potential. Bart Zirnhelt however, who moved to Kamloops in January of 2006, and was looking for a business idea to take to Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC), had the time needed to manage the new company. By using CFDC as a spring board Bart Zirnhelt was able to take over 80 hours of management training before the vital launch of the new website. CFDC administers the Self Employment Program for Service Canada. Bart Zirnhelt was asked why take on the challenge of being a real estate web site manager? “Sales is a great environment. You are always interacting with people and every day is different. When I worked for TELUS I had to think on my feet and my paycheck was largely based on commission. With Snap Up Real Estate I get to have the same great sales adventure, and all the hard work that I put in is re-invested in my own company.”

With Maddison in charge of the technical side of the company we asked, what kind of experience do you have with web design and hosting? The response was eye opening. “I started my first web design and hosting company in 1997. I soon became involved in a company out of Massachusetts called Adgrafix, and moved to the USA to become the Vice President of Operations. The company later sold and I started SilverServers Inc. in Kamloops. SilverServers has been hosting and developing websites for clients all over the world for the last four years.” Experience with advanced server technology is a cornerstone to Snap Up Real Estate’s market advantage.

About Snap Up Real Estate:
Snap Up Real Estate is a Kamloops, British Columbia based company that runs the website The website sells listings to private sellers as well as commercial users such as real estate agents and brokers. The company officially started in March of 2006 with the help of funding from Service Canada through the Self Employment Program administered through Community Futures of Thompson Country. The Self Employment Program provides unemployed individuals who wish to start a new business EI benefits up to one year from the start of the business. Qualifying for the Self Employment Program is not easy. Candidates must submit a finished business plan to an evaluation committee, attend professional business training for over 80 hours, and maintain business activity reports throughout the duration of benefits from CFDC. Bart Zirnhelt affirms, “I could not have started without the help of CFDC.”

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