Contextured Uncovers How Leading Automotive Firms Are Turning to Online Marketing to Beat the Recession

With all the doom and gloom mainstream Media bombards us with regarding the current financial crisis, including dire predictions for the Automobile industry it is interesting to note that some car retailers are increasingly upbeat. Many are attributing their growing confidence and success to factors including an increased reliance on their Internet marketing to achieve top results.

London, United Kingdom, September 16, 2009 --( Contextured the complete web marketing solution experts, providing solutions to meet the online advertising needs of businesses uncover the best and cost effective technolgies, and tools for automotive companies to succeed in online marketing which is an essential in todays market.

Major car retailers no longer see a policy of injecting huge amounts of capital into traditional forms of offline advertising as the best means of promotion. Many are are now focused on an interactive web marketing strategy. This year Fords main marketing aim has been to bolstered their online presence, which has seen websites, online ads and social media meshing with their product line and positioning. Other leading automobile companies are following this trend as CMR (competitive media reporting) interactive has noted, listed Toyota, Honda and Ford amongst the top ten spenders in online marketing.

Car companies can use social media applications and blogs to move closer to customers, gain more attention and interest in their services and brand, as well as gaining a better understanding of their customers needs. Car retailers have also seen and noted the importance of an interactive engaging website. In bids to gain and retain customer attention online, motoring companies have become more creative, for example Ford have created and posted on their website a video version of the Ford story. As a result of their online marketing efforts, Ad Age ( reports that the number of qualified buyers who planned to buy a Ford jumped 16% from 2008.

Why Should Auto Retailers Use Online Marketing Rather Than Offline Advertising?

“Over 75% of consumers when searching for the nearest local car retailer start their research online'”– (Jim Rucker- TK productions-chief marketing executive. July 2009)

Car retailers who are market leaders in sales generated via the Internet, share an approach that has revealed some common practices that are critical to a successful Internet strategy. Number one amongst these best practices is taking the time to develop and manage an organic strategy, information regarding how to drive organic traffic can be accessed at:

Number two is to invest in a paid search strategy, you can access more info on paid search marketing at: A comprehensive online marketing plan plan will be geared towards driving traffic to your website in the most cost effective manner.

“when searching for a car retailer consumers use search engines 3 times more often than TV, radio, and newspapers ... combined!” (

It can be extremely difficult to dedicate the required marketing resources with all the demands of running a workshop, parts shop or dealership. Larger dealers and suppliers will generally employ an agency but this comes at significant cost. Using someone in-house is an option but the steep learning curve of the technologies involved can often lead to poorly performing campaigns and lower than expected returns. This is cited as the number one reason why businesses give-up on web marketing

Thankfully there are technologies readily available that can help smaller car retailers run profitable web marketing campaigns.

Website Grader is one of these technologies now readily available for free. By simply inserting your website URL and some competing websites into the text fields provided on their website the software will generate a report that measures the marketing effectiveness of your website and SEM (search engine marketing). It provides a score that incorporates factors such as website traffic, SEO (search engine optimization), social popularity. Website Grader will also provide some basic advice on how the website can be improved from a marketing perspective. For more information on tools and techniques available to monitor your websites performance visit:

Google Analytics is another online marketing technology which is totally free offering businesses the opportunity to gain invaluable rich insight into its website traffic and online marketing effectiveness. Google has made the features of this product flexible and simple to use. This tool clearly presents the effectiveness of your PPC (pay-per-click) ads, search ranking, website content, click through rates in the form of reports, mapping and charts. Google analytics allows you to understand your website visitors, what and where they're clicking and therefore identifying any leaks on your website resulting in a lost opportunities.

Contextured offers a full search engine marketing and optimization package for a low monthly fee. Their technology helps ensure your car retailer is ranking highly in organic search results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for searches on words like “local garages” “Car dealers” “Motors Dealerships”. As experts in keyword optimization process they can help your website up the rankings in search engine results. For a one week free trial use the promotional code "7days" during signup. See more information at:

There are no quick solutions, but by employing the best possible online marketing tools and technologies readily available on the market, motoring companies can drive increased traffic to their site resulting in more sales, quires, and leads, enjoying increasing success like many leading automotive companies are amongst the doom and gloom.

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