Flathead U Goes Live with On-Demand, "How-to" Videos for WebNative Suite Users

Westport, CT, September 16, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Flathead U (www.flatheadu.com) today announced the launch of its new online subscription service, the first and only resource to provide how-to videos on all aspects of Xinet® WebNative® Suite, the most widely used digital asset management solution in the graphics industry. Organized in an easy-to-search, YouTube-like format, the Flathead U site gives users fast access to mini-videos on installing, configuring, customizing and troubleshooting Xinet WebNative Suite. Each video provides expert help, step-by-step screens, and quick takeaways that can be applied immediately.

“With 10 to 15 new videos every month, the Flathead U site will help alleviate the frustration that Admins feel when trying to remember the training they had 6 months ago or when digging through the Xinet WebNative Suite manual,” said Jeff Greenlee, Flathead U’s resident “Coach” and lead instructor, as well as a trained Xinet administrator with 10 years of experience.

The service, previously in beta, was quickly and enthusiastically welcomed by the Xinet user community. Jordan Schibler, Technology Supervisor at Tracy Locke Advertising, said, “Flathead U is an amazing resource. It contains all the how-to and training videos needed to manage your WebNative system.”

“It’s all just a click away,” said Dennis Warlick, Vice President, Strategic Technologies at Deutsch. “With Flathead U, I can hand off many WebNative Admin tasks to my team without spending my time training. I can let Flathead U do it instead.”

One major benefit of Flathead U is that it’s Version 16-ready, right now. Simultaneously with last week’s release of the new version of WebNative, Flathead U has videos showcasing new features so users can get up to speed right away. In addition, videos that currently demonstrate features in version 15 will be updated with alternate versions that reflect the new Version 16 interface.

Flathead U will quickly respond to the specific needs of WebNative Suite users. There’s a request feature so that customers can send in their specific needs. If something can be done with the WebNative software, and customers are interested in seeing how, Flathead U will create a video demonstration. Customers will have considerable influence as it builds the most comprehensive library of WebNative and FullPress® how-to videos anywhere.

Greenlee said, “In this economy, where everyone is cutting back, it’s important for Administrators to be able to take advantage of the full productivity benefits of WebNative Suite. Flathead U helps them utilize the software to its maximum potential. Plus, it takes the pressure off Administrators by making WebNative Suite knowledge more accessible to everyone. With Flathead U, the admin can take a vacation without someone calling to ask how to create a new user. In 3 or 4 minutes, your support staff can learn how to perform essential tasks. Suddenly, you’ve got backup.”

While videos are an essential part of Flathead U, they’re only part of the experience. Flathead U will also be an important community-building tool for users. It will feature an online forum for administrators to communicate, ask and answer questions, and tap into the vast knowledge base at Flathead U and in the Xinet community at large. In addition, Flathead U subscribers will be able to take advantage of exclusive live webinars on a wide range of topics about WebNative Suite.

Flathead U is working with Xinet integrators around the globe to bring the best information to the user community. By offering subscriptions to Flathead U, integrators can save time by having their clients link to videos that answer all those basic questions that come up again and again. Instead of being overwhelmed with simple requests, the integrator’s support staff can focus on other challenges.

Pricing and Availability
Flathead U offers one- and two-year subscription plans providing up to four users with unlimited access to all videos. For the one-year plan, there will be two payment options: $65 per month, or $750 per year (a savings of $30). The two-year plan will cost $1,400, a savings of $160.

About Flathead U
Flathead U LLC is the only online video training company dedicated to offering how-to videos on WebNative Suite. Comprised of a team of WebNative Suite experts with decades of experience helping users, Flathead U provides an affordable and easy-to-use service that allows subscribers to quickly find the information they need, view it and perform the intended task. The service includes both how-to-video tutorials and live webinars, making it a convenient one-stop information resource. Flathead U is in no way affiliated with Xinet.

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