Society of Education Consultants Negotiates Preferential Indemnity Insurance Rate for Members

The SEC has negotiated a preferential professional indemnity insurance rate for members. SEC Treasurer Dick Beeden explains why so many education consultants are led to believe they need more cover than they actually do.

Whitstable, United Kingdom, September 17, 2009 --( The Society of Education Consultants has announced that a preferential rate for professional indemnity insurance has been successfully negotiated on behalf of its members. The cover, negotiated specifically for professional education consultants, enables members of the SEC to have professional indemnity cover at exactly the level they need. Education consultants with a turnover of less than 100K per year, can secure insurance cover up to 1 million pounds for a premium of £336 a year, with a scalable system for companies of all sizes. Policies are underwritten by Jelf Group PLC, with options to add public liability and employer liability to the insurance cover. For more information, visit or call 0845 345 7932.

"There are many education consultants out there who are simply paying far too much for their professional indemnity insurance," commented Dick Beeden, Treasurer for the SEC. "There seems to be a perception that education consultants need cover for extraordinarily high risk, but that simply isn't the case. In reality, if we're not up to scratch, our contract ends and we lose repeat business, it's as simple as that. It isn't the same degree of risk as a contractor in the building industry for example. Due to the nature of the work, the level of risk transferred is relatively low; none of our members have ever heard of an education consultant being sued."

When asked where this misperception could have originated, Dick suggested; "Education consultancy is relatively new and it may simply be a misconception of the kind of work we do and lack of experience of the actual risk. Or perhaps it is a reflection of the much higher risk and public profile associated with the big education consultancy companies running services like the exam system or education for a whole Borough. The contractor would clearly be in a great deal of trouble if they failed to deliver those statutory services and so public liability insurance became a huge issue. For most education consultants, their work is completely different, and thankfully the Jelf Group recognises that, hence the great deal that we can now offer our members."

About the Society of Education Consultants

Formed in 1990, the Society of Education Consultants serves professionals working across the whole education and children's services spectrum. The range of SEC members encompasses consultants who work as individuals, in partnerships, or in association with larger consultancies or organisations. The SEC has two primary functions, the one of which is providing information and support to education consultants, meeting their professional and developmental needs at all stages of their education consultancy career. Members also have access to a comprehensive professional indemnity insurance scheme at preferential rates.

The second function of the SEC is to provide one stop shop to individuals, education and children's services managers and governors, whether in schools, LEAs, higher education establishments, or other institutions looking for high quality professional help and support. Those who use the SEC to find education consultants are assured that members can provide the high-quality education consultancy needed to provide the education support they are seeking. All SEC members work to a strict Code of Practice that provides a benchmark for their integrity and the quality of their work.

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