eBoss Online Recruitment Solutions
eBoss Online Recruitment Solutions

eBoss Recruitment Software Helps Recruiters Through the Recession

London, United Kingdom, September 17, 2009 --(PR.com)-- eBoss has introduced some unique features to save its users time and money. The latest addition to their recession busting suite of tools is the VOIP integration.

Voice Over Internet Protocol is used by many to make cheap and sometimes free calls from their desktop, laptop and iphone. If a recruitment software system does not have this feature, the user is forced to copy and paste the phone number into their VOIP programme. This is of course a time wasting exercise. Enter the recruitment solution from eBoss, a unique and integrated VOIP function that allows you to activate a call to your candidate or client in 1 click. The consultant simply clicks on the phone number in their eBoss Recruitment Database and it uses their VOIP application to dial the number. eBoss Operations Manager Jane Clements, "We are always looking for ways to make recruitment and the net work efficiently and this requested feature does exactly that, recruitment consultants can make a lot of calls in a day and this feature saves the user time and of course a lot of copying and pasting."

eBoss is a fully functioning web base recruitment software solution available for £39 per month. www.eboss.co.uk

eBoss Online Recruitment Solutions
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