VoicePulse Warns CallVantage Customers of the Truth About Local Number Portability

VoicePulse gives CallVantage refugees a time line to port their phone numbers.

Jamesburg, NJ, September 17, 2009 --(PR.com)-- VoicePulse, Inc. issued a statement today for CallVantage customers looking to switch to VoicePulse services and retain their current phone number. In a recent letter from AT&T CallVantage, customers were given October 20th as the date for when service would be discontinued permanently. To ensure proper number portability, VoicePulse suggests beginning the porting process 30 days in advance. While the FCC mandate states the porting process should take 2 days, the actual time of transfer can be delayed for many reasons including customer error or a high volume of customers porting at the same time.

“The most important thing you can do when a customer is porting their phone number is to have all the correct information and to not wait until the last minute, “ explains Ketan Patel, VP of Operations at VoicePulse. “We have knowledgeable Customer Service reps on hand to walk customers through the porting process, but customers need to have specific information to be able to complete a successful phone number port.”

VoicePulse will be continuing their existing CallVantage promotion for as long as necessary. Customers looking to switch to VoicePulse can expect the following:

Up to $50 in service credit with the America Unlimited Plan

Local number portability at no cost for customers who want to keep their number

Over 25 basic and advanced features such as Telemarketer Block and Anonymous Call Block at no additional cost

The option between Local Unlimited or American Unlimited call plans starting at $14.99.

A high-speed internet connection and an ordinary touch tone telephone are the only requirements to take advantage of VoicePulse's home and business broadband phone service. Residential and SOHO (small office/home office) users interested in switching over to VoicePulse today can visit www.voicepulse.com/callvantage for complete details.

Monica Haley