Seon Design Inc. Launches the New High-Efficiency IR Dome Camera – SQ Series

Coquitlam, Canada, September 17, 2009 --( Seon is pleased to introduce the new high-efficiency SQ IR Dome infrared camera. Like all Seon cameras, the SQ IR Dome is designed to meet the specific needs of mobile applications. Among its special features, this camera is protected from transient voltage through regulated power. The unit uses less power and generates less heat, which extends the camera’s life span beyond the ordinary.

The SQ IR Dome camera offers superior image detail due to evenly distributed illumination. Most IR cameras have “hot spots” or spots that are over-illuminated. Over-illumination causes “washed out” images, or a loss of detail. With the SQ IR Dome, superior image quality remains intact.

The SQ IR Dome offers superior durability and versatility. It is small, compact and vandal resistant, making it practical for use in restricted public spaces like buses. The camera also comes with an integrated microphone.

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