Franktown Rocks to Launch Eco-Friendly Game

Tweens learn recycling concepts in virtual world play with “Recycle Quest.”

Nashville, TN, September 17, 2009 --( Popular kid’s virtual world “Franktown Rocks” ( will expand their current online game offerings this week with the addition of “Recycle Quest” — an online scavenger hunt designed to raise recycling awareness among Tweens. Players will pick up trash in the virtual city of Franktown and place it in appropriate recycling bins for plastic, glass, aluminum and paper.

“Kids are aware of social responsibility,” says Rob Solberg, Franktown founder and President. “And they really love to be part of the solution.” Recycle Quest is just one of many social awareness games to be launched in Franktown this year. Other gaming initiatives include virtual participation in building an orphanage in the Ukraine as well as a clean water initiative in Malawi. “We have players from over 200 countries, so our social outreach is global. In addition to having fun, we want to empower kids to help other kids and make a real difference in the world,” says Solberg.

To celebrate the launch of “Recycle Quest,” is offering a premium membership upgrade pass to new users who sign up for a free account before October 1st and enter the special code: recyclequest.

Franktown Rocks
David Bach