Money and Marriage Advocate Reviews Marriage Movies and Provides Financial Lessons

Dr. Taffy Wagner views dozens of marriage movies and detailed some financial lessons you can apply to real life.

Denver, CO, September 17, 2009 --( Money & Marriage Advocate and Certified Educator in Personal Finances, Dr. Taffy Wagner has provided a new perspective when it comes to marriage movies. She has viewed marriage feature films and reviewed them from a financial perspective thereby providing money lessons for couples.

She says, “People go to movies and many of them want the fairy tale life they see on the silver screen. This can lead to brides and grooms alike entering into marriage with an unrealistic expectation of their life after they say I do. Why not look at the Big Picture and see beyond the silver lining on the screen.”

Dr. Wagner’s initial Marriage and Money Movies Database of reviews contains over two dozen critiques from favorites such as “Fireproof,” “Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married,” “Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage,” “Not Easily Broken,” “Runaway Bride” and many more. The financial lessons and money tips can be used by couples as a means of beginning the talk about spending in marriage as well as their financial backgrounds.

Statistics show money is one of the top reasons leading to divorce. In Wagner's own research and emails from you, the current economic situation in this country is causing more couples to discussing their finances in greater detail. Dr. Wagner believes reviewing marriage movies with this different perspective, will afford couples and friends the opportunity to talk dollars and cents with more of a marriage “sense.”

The database can be viewed through Dr. Wagner’s website at If you are interested in interviewing Dr. Wagner or would like her to speak at your couples event, contact her through her website.

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