The Sagemont School, a Private School in Broward County, Gets High Marks for Using Technology in Classrooms

Sagemont’s middle school and high school are harnessing the creative power of Activslates and Promethean software while the elementary students are utilizing their new mobile laptop unit to create innovative projects and presentations.

Weston, FL, November 23, 2009 --( At The Sagemont School located in Weston Florida, there have been no program cuts and lots of new extras to keep the students engaged, involved, and participating in a high tech environment. Sagemont middle and high school students are reaping the benefits of new electronic units called Promethean Activslates and ActivExpressions. Activslates are interactive whiteboards. The Promethean software is extensive and has endless possibilities for enhancing all areas of curriculum.

"The Promethean ActivExpressions is the piece that gets the kids excited and paying attention", says Gayle Iacono, Principal at this college prep school’s upper school campus. ActivExpressions look similar to a cell phone having a small digital screen, a number keypad, and symbols for Math and Science. The units interact directly with the Activslates allowing students to participate anonymously with the class while the teacher is able to evaluate who has learned the lesson.

This technology is currently being used in Sagemont’s high school science, social studies, and language arts classes. Christi Safant, Sagemont’s lead teacher for science explains, “I love to see the kids enthusiastic and competitive about participating in class learning games. This technology lets me be creative in how I can assess the students’ grasp of a new concept.”

Last spring, at the elementary school campus added a Mobile Laptop Lab. The lab includes twenty laptops housed in a mobile cart that recharges the units. Doris Quintero, Sagemont’s Lower School Campus Media & Technology specialist says, “These laptops have allowed us to enhance our interdisciplinary projects. Last year’s fifth graders were involved with a project that linked social science, media, and science together. Students created their own fictional planets, wrote papers, conducted experiments, and presented the whole project in a PowerPoint presentation. This was all completed by using the laptops during different periods of the day in different areas.” The laptops are introduced to the students as early as 1st grade. Here the youngest students begin their keyboard training and learn to care for the units.

Incoming 6th grader, Angel Martinez, says, “Using the mobile laptops last year was so cool! We made brochures, newspapers, and PowerPoint presentations. I totally feel ready to work on my laptop in middle school. “ This past summer, 11th Grader, Nick Cardamone, participated in a 3-week comprehensive engineering program at Georgia Tech University. He said, “Even though I was interacting with a very select group of students, I felt like I had a real edge. I was extremely confident with all the technology that they presented since I have been using a laptop since 6th grade at Sagemont. The engineering instructors even made mention of my abilities which made me feel great!”

Sagemont’s small class size, individualized attention and use of technology throughout the curriculum is a differentiating factor for this school.

Sagemont will host it’s New Family Open House in October. Sunday, October 18 from 1-3pm is the date for the Upper School Campus serving grades 6-12 and Wednesday, October 21 starting at 9:30am is the date for the Lower School Campus serving preschool starting at age three through grade 5. Call 954-389-2454 x366 to RSVP.

The Sagemont School offers a college prep curriculum and operates two campuses in Weston, Fl. In preschool starting at three years through Grade 5, The Sagemont School provides core concepts in a creative environment combined with weekly specials that include science, art, music, Spanish for both native and non-native speakers, swimming, PE and media and technology. From middle school through high school graduation, Sagemont students choose from a variety of regular, honors and AP course work. In addition, students share in a networked wireless laptop environment and participate in a comprehensive guidance program for college entrance. Visit The Sagemont School Web site at http://www.

For more information on The Sagemont School contact Dr. Brent Goldman, President at (954) 389-2454 ext, 305, or email to Follow Brent Goldman on Twitter @

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