Getting Connected is Key to Real Estate Investors Success

In Changing Times Real Estate Investors Need to Plug-in to Real Estate Investing Associations to Learn and Network

Mooresville, NC, September 18, 2009 --( Get Real, The Real Estate Investing Show for the Rest of Us, interviewed Don Derosa, real estate investor, national educator and president of the Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, on the show this week. Don shared ways to utilize real estate clubs to further new and experienced investors business.

Don explained that one of the biggest benefits of REIA’s is to provide a place for new investors to network with other like minded people. Beyond any of the other benefits it allows investors to be immersed in the culture of others that are profiting in real estate investing. Being able to share stories and learning experiences with others creates and educational experience like no other, according to Mr. Derosa.

He went on to provide some tips for identifying a club that is right for each individual investor. Don’s suggestions included finding all of the REIA’s in your area and then trying each one out to find a personal fit. Each club may have differences in the way they are run and their focus that might benefit each investor’s specific business.

Mr. Derosa recommended getting a better understanding of the club and how it is administered. He explained that there are two types of clubs, for profit and not for profit associations. Investors should understand what type of procedures and structures they have in place. Most importantly they should have a code of ethics they adhere to to try to make sure all members and vendors are working with in ethical guidelines.

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