TBG Fraud Solutions Launches Program to Protect Kid’s Identity

One of the fastest growing types of identity theft is child identity theft and in order to combat this problem, TBG Fraud Solutions has a new program aimed at helping kids. It provides the most comprehensive protection and full restoration program currently available.

Tyler, TX, September 23, 2009 --(PR.com)-- One of the fastest growing types of identity theft is child identity theft and in order to combat this problem, TBG Fraud Solutions has a new program aimed at helping kids. It provides the most comprehensive protection and full restoration program currently available.

Public schools tend to be a preferred target of identity thieves.
School safety is taking on a whole new meaning: Nearly one-third of all U.S. data breaches occurred in K-12 Schools, colleges, and universities, a new study found. Schools make up only about 0.6 percent of U.S. businesses/organizations, that's a relatively disproportionate amount of breaches.

Williamson County Schools (TN) – 6/26/08 More than 5,000 students may have been affected when a school employee accidentally posted their personal information online. Potentially the school could have lost their federal funding because of the mistake. The district had to notify the Department of Education because this was a federal violation. Williamson County Board of Education members voted to use $70,080 from different components of the 2008-09 budgets to fund one year of identity protection services for the thousands of students who were affected by the recent security breach

Keller ISD (TX) – 08/15/08 - Keller has 32 campuses serving more than 28,000 students. Keller Independent School District mailed enrollment forms to students and parents for the 2008 - 2009 school years. Unfortunately, some of the forms containing sensitive personal information were mailed to the wrong people. Social security number, student ID number, home address, phone number and contact information for parents at home and at work were included on the forms.

Rains, Kaufman, Edgewood, and Alba-Golden Independent School Districts (TX) – 10/07 - School burglars target students’ information at four East Texas school districts. One district has reason to believe the burglars' target may have been their students' Social Security information. Thousands of dollars in computer equipment were not removed and unharmed at Edgewood ISD. A small amount of petty card was stolen from a couple of the schools.

Preventing data breaches takes more than technology.
Stopping data breaches before they occur requires building a “Breach-Free Culture” within your organization. Properly training employees across all areas of your business is a necessary component to breach-proofing businesses.

Hackers get all of the credit (unjustly).
Another reason to incorporate training into your data breach prevention efforts is that, although cyber-criminals may get the headlines and media attention, the fact is that that more then 50% of all breaches are caused by human error and process failures.

Technology can’t stop someone from making unknowing mistakes – but training them how to follow breach-free policies and procedures in the first place can and will make a difference.

Breach-Proofing your organization brings many benefits.
We’ve all seen the statistics… Data breaches cost an average of $202 per record lost… 40% of consumers change their relationship with affected businesses… fines for non-compliance with the law can run into tens of thousands of dollars a day… lawsuits cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend and millions of dollars to settle.

Creating a Breach-Proof Culture, where employees across all departments and areas share a heightened sensitivity, understanding and commitment to eliminating breaches will protect organizations from risk, liability, customer dissatisfaction, bad press, and unnecessary costs.

Train your employees (Change the way your employees think)
Organizations that proactively educate their employees regarding identity theft drastically reduce their chances of a costly data breach. TBG Fraud Solutions training impacts the way you think! When you change the way someone thinks it results in a change of behavior reducing the risk of a data breach resulting in Identity Theft.

All employees should be fully trained in your organization’s best-practice policies and procedures relating to protecting, handling and storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in all of its forms. What’s more, the training should be ongoing. This does not have to be an expensive undertaking – in fact, it isn’t costly at all.

Training is immediate, affordable, customized to fit a business’ or organizations particular needs. For more information contact TBG Fraud Solutions

About the Author:
Mark Seguin, is a Certified ID theft Risk Management Specialist, and is a managing partner with TBG Fraud Solutions. He has worked with hundreds of employers and provided training to thousands of employees. He is currently providing documentation and specialized training designed specifically to help organizations and businesses comply with Identity Theft legislation at no charge for qualifying employers. If you would like more information please contact TBG Fraud Solutions directly by email fraudsolutions@tbg-usa.com or at 888.533.9123.

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