Prague Property Investments - Czech Mate?

Prague Property has experienced Year on year increases of 10-15%+ - Are they sustainable or will the rot set in?

Didsbury, United Kingdom, September 17, 2006 --( Czech Property Investment - Will The Bubble Burst?

Prague Property off plan has recently been in the spotlight as one of the World's most attractive investment hotspots. "Off Plan" means that investors purchase property before it is built and in many cases offer high rewards by the time the property is completed which can be anywhere from 3 months to several years.

Is the Growth set to continue?

With the economy currently growing at 4.8% over the last 5 years it is no surprise to see how prices have doubled (even trebled) within the last few years. Inflation however, has been reduced at 2.7% (2004) *

Damian Qualter MD of BuyProperty4Less states "We having been selling Prague Property Off plan for a number of years now. We have seen massive increases in prices in recent years and demand is still strong. We had a waiting list of over 200 investors for our last offering in Bansko with was oversubscribed in a number of days"

Why is Off plan investing here still so attractive?

1. High yields - currently 10-12% for residential property
2. Prague acceptance into EU imminent in 2007 -
3. Labour Force and cost of living cheap by western standards
4. Small deposits can offer high ROI (returns on investments)
5. Current undersupply in New Build Property
6. Prague is becoming a new Booming holiday destination
7. Population of 10m
8. Adoption of Euro estimated by 2011
9. Shortage of "Decent" housing - many locals need re-housing in short-term
10. VAT to be added to new housing stock will impact capital values

Qualter continues "Our investors seem to be choosing the high quality developments rather than going for the cheapest thing possible. BuyProperty4Less only promote schemes that offer our clients bank guarantees for security and we only deal with the most reputable developers."

Asked what are the pitfalls of investing in Prague property Off Plan Damian Qualter replies "We feel that you must buy in the right areas. Know what is included in the price and use UK speaking experts but apart from that I still feel Prague Off Plan Property offers excellent prospects for those who are properly prepared" 

*Source: Knight Frank Research & Prague Trading & Investment Attache

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