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San Jose, CA, September 18, 2009 --( ePopulaceDev (ePopDev) Company has produced three on-line community best practice guides for marketing executives, and ePopDev will send one or all upon request for free.

1. 7 Stages to building and growing your on-line community- this guide explains why communities fail, why the ROI is hard to track and how to fix that. ePopDev will also show companies how to continue to grow their community after the initial launch and stall.

2. How do companies defend the ROI of their Community- we’ll send our two page guide that provides numerous examples of how to create relevant ROI metrics and the best ways to communicate them to your team and management. This one solution could be the difference between funding your community and it wallowing. Find out how one of our customers went from 500 users to over 1 million by getting the metrics right.

3. Case Study- shows how one of the largest consumer retailers in the world took a different approach and built a Community Eco-System Solution. They now have 90,000 developers working for them for free and the same group has (developers) built over 100,000 products for Free to help drive the sale of their primary product. Find out how their model be leveraged by your firm.

"We have been fortunate to work with the team at ePopulaceDev for a number of years and their best practices have been the difference maker for brands like Sun, Apple, Brocade, Intuit to name a few firms." Paul Chelton VP of Marketing.

These guides are available upon request, just email or call 877.566.7627

Note to Editor: Jim Weldon works with Marketing Executives for the Fortune 500 every day and can talk to you about on-line communities, social media and social networking. A Q&A sheet is also available that outlines some of the main concerns that Marketing Executives are facing this upcoming year around Social Media and Communities.

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