Stellar Launches the listeningCentreâ„¢, a Service for Organisations Committed to Offering Customers a Superior Experience

Melbourne, Australia, September 18, 2009 --( Stellar, a global expert in Managing Customer Relationships (MCR), today announced plans to launch the listeningCentre™, a comprehensive Quality Monitoring & Analysis service for organisations committed to offering their call centre customers a superior experience.

In a business climate where customer service is fast becoming the great differentiator, many organisations are reviewing not only how satisfied their customers are, but how customer satisfaction is actually measured.

“Every time a customer makes contact with your company is an opportunity to deliver on your company’s brand promise, improve customer satisfaction and identify process improvement opportunities,” said John Hollingsworth, CEO of Stellar Asia Pacific. “Traditional call centre quality measures often don’t consider the customer experience, needs or attitudes during the call, and whether or not the customer is likely to end the interaction with a positive or negative perception of the company.” Hollingsworth said.

“Our listeningCentre™ uses Stellar’s Interaction Analytics approach to really hear what your customers are saying,” continued Hollingsworth. “Winning a customer back after they have left is far more difficult and costly than retaining them.”

Stellar’s listeningCentre™ can support all quality needs, including core quality monitoring and rating of calls, adding a customer focus to existing quality programs, and providing detailed analysis about what customers are really saying.

The listeningCentre™ launch events, to take place in both Melbourne and Sydney in late September, will feature a keynote presentation by Sanjay Patel, CEO of Datanautix, a Globally recognised expert in Customer Interaction Analytics, along with a featured listeningCentre™ client Case Study.

The listeningCentre™ has already been implemented by a number of leading companies to realign their call centre quality monitoring process and to drive a more customer-centric approach, to reduce quality monitoring costs by 30-40%, and gain valuable insights into what really satisfies and dissatisfies their customers.

To learn more about the listeningCentre™, or to register for the launch, visit

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As a global expert in Managing Customer Relationships (MCR), Stellar provides quality customer interactions for a number of leading global brands. Stellar is privately owned and employs 6,000+ people across 17 locations, managing over 300 million customer interactions on behalf of its clients each year. Its offerings span front office services, such as Customer Service Support and Directory Assistance, to automated back office support services and solutions. For more information, visit

About Datanautix
Datanautix Inc. specialises in helping companies drive key business process improvements in the contact centre/customer management market. The Datanautix Intelligent Interaction Analytics and “active listening” approach not only improves on traditional Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction measurement challenges, but goes beyond the ‘traditional’ to uncover customer expectations to help drive process changes to improve customer loyalty and operating efficiencies. Typical results from Datanautix’ business process reengineering deployment yield 20-30 percent in savings while driving overall customer satisfaction scores up by 10-20 percent. For more information, please visit

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