Millionaire Mindset Secrets - 7 Secrets of Wealth Creation Released

Keelan Cunningham, entrepreneur and founder of, shares his expertise in wealth creation strategies. The insider 7 Secrets of Wealth Creation secrets guide has been released this week to all website subscribers.

Los Angeles, CA, September 19, 2009 --( Millionaire Mindset Secrets (, a purpose-built website for people who want practical tips on how to become a millionaire, this week releases its 7 Rules of Wealth Creation guide. Crucial questions we all have wondered about are answered, such as why are some people wealthy and others aren’t? How can you change your life so that you can have the financial freedom and lifestyle you desire?

Millionaire Mindset Secrets, which was officially launched this week, is the result of years of trial and error learning in wealth creation by its founder Keelan Cunningham. The experienced entrepreneur has now revealed “secrets” of proven wealth creation strategies that can bring the financial freedom to those who really want it. is giving away for free the 7 Rules of Wealth Creation guide (available at so that people have immediate access to useful, easy-to-follow information which they can start putting into practice straight away.

According to Cunningham, “your mindset is the single most important factor that will determine whether you will be wealthy or not. True wealth and abundance”, he says, “comes from having an affluent psychology. Any disempowering beliefs about one’s personality or money must go and you must learn how to cultivate the right mindset”.

“Research has shown that when it comes to spending”, he continues, “in today’s society an average person is spending 105% of their earnings i.e. they are in debt”. Mr. Cunningham says that “debt is only good if it’s used for building assets.” He suggests creating a spending plan for your life to make sure you only spend what you have and then save and/or invest what remains. He recommends that you save at least 10% of your earnings and when investing, only take investment advice from someone who is as wealthy as you want to be.

Cunningham’s goal is for people to learn the language and mechanics of money as well as cultivate the mindset and acquire the knowledge that is needed in order to become financially free. For most people the making of money and becoming wealthy can be a bit like learning a foreign language. There are lots of terms like: Assets, Liabilities, Liquidity, Net Worth, Gearing, Leverage, etc and it is a must to know what they mean in order to become a good investor. The mechanics (tools, strategies, investment vehicles, etc.), also need to be learnt so you put them into practice knowledgeably.

More of Cunningham’s proven wealth tips can be found within the free 7 Rules of Wealth Creation guide and detailed wealth creation strategies can be found within his website:

This website will give you access to simple strategies that you can implement easily to start making money and put you on the road to real wealth creation. You’ll discover how to use wealth creation strategies in real estate, the stock market, business, the Internet etc. Subscription to Millionaire Mindset Secrets is free.



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