Axantum Software AB of Sweden Launches on Line Password Manager

Stockholm, Sweden, September 19, 2009 --( Axantum Software AB of Sweden launches a service on the web to facilitate identity and credentials management.

There is a great need to handle many different identities and credentials for various accounts on the web and at work. It's common to forget passwords, and even more so to re-use passwords in an attempt to avoid the problem. To forget passwords is inconvenient at best, at worst it's a serious security risk.

Axantum Software AB has offered free, easy and safe encryption for Windows since 2001 by the well known and respected open source software AxCrypt which has logged over 1.5 million registrations.

After a year of beta testing and about 2,000 test-users Axantum Software AB has now launched a for-pay service on the web where users can store and search for passwords, and similar items such as registration codes, pin codes etc. The service is named 'Xecrets' (pronounced like 'secrets'). A user of Xecrets will have access to all passwords everywhere with just one master password via the web.

To ensure security, user information is stored in standards-compliant encryped XML using the strongest of available algorithms, AES-256. Reliability is achieved by warm standby servers in geographically separate locations with mirrored hardware and continuous synchronization between the locations - in addition to daily backups. Axantum does not know or store the users master password, except briefly during the duration of a session.

As an additional measure to ensure availability, a user can download the encrypted XML archive file, store it locally and even open and search it using an open source Windows desktop application. The open source disclosure makes independent development and peer review possible which helps to ensure the correctness of the implementation.

The service targets individual consumers globally, and is currently offered in English with translations planned. Payment is accepted via major credit cards in 15 currencies. The price is currently set at US $15/year.

Xecrets is reached via or

Contact information
Axantum Software AB
Svante Seleborg, CEO and Founder
+46 70 582 28 61
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Axantum Software AB
Svante Seleborg
+46 70 582 28 61