Guatemala Service Summit - More Countries Continuing to Show Enthusiasm About Medical Tourism

West Palm Beach, FL, September 20, 2009 --( The Guatemalan Exporters Association (AGEXPORT) presented its Second Edition of Service Summit Guatemala 2009. The event, held September 10-12, 2009, included a comprehensive Conference Program with renowned International and local speakers. At the Invitation of AGEXPORT, Alex Piper, President of OneWorld Global Healthcare Solutions, presented a keynote speech to the Service Summit and a marketing session to the Health and Wellness Conference Track.

The program included specialized conferences for Guatemala’s four main service exports; Laboratories, Sustainable Tourism, Contact Centers and BPOs, and Software. Guatemala Health and Wellness Commission AgExport, a group of professionals and private companies of the medical and wellness sectors who are formally organized under the umbrella of AGEXPORT, conducted a Health and Wellness Tourism Conference Track and a Familiarization Tour of Guatemala’s Health and Wellness Industry.

Alex Piper’s first presentation focused on the critical success factors of a successful service exporter to North America, including the organizational structure that the exporter should adopt, the service quality needed to become a serious competitor, and some marketing campaign ideas that have proven successful in the service industry. The marketing session explained the range of positioning options available to Guatemala in the healthcare services market, and some competitive ideas designed to position the country in the top segment of the healthcare services export market.

In subsequent discussions with AGEXPORT, Alex Piper praised Guatemala as a country that demonstrates solid organizational structure including government and private industry, crucial infrastructure investment, representation in key U.S. markets, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a population that exudes the warmth that nicely compliments healthcare.

OneWorld Global Healthcare Solutions
Miranda Reeder